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Boy Bursts Into Tears of Joy When Grandparents Surprise Him with Puppy


It’s amazing how much better a day can get when a furry friend is there to crawl into our lap or lick our face. Puppies may require a bit of time and responsibility, but there is no denying the joy that they bring.

According to Dailymail, Jensen Stuart, a seven-year-old boy from Doncaster, United Kingdom recently experienced the joy of a new puppy. His heartfelt reaction is now going viral.

On May 9, 2019, Jensen came home to find his grandparents and mom waiting for him with a surprise inside a cardboard pet carrier. “Jensen has had a horrible week, even in tears again today leaving school! So coming home to this has made his week,” his mother, Rebecca Browne, posted on Facebook.

In the video, Jensen’s grandfather Steven Browne can be heard telling the curious lad, “Guess what? Your Nan and I have got you something.” When Jensen opened the box, his face lit up at the sight of his new puppy.

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Jensen’s “Nan,” Lynda Browne, told him, “It’s for me and you.”

Jensen gave his grandmother a hug and he began to cry as his mom handed him the puppy. This sweet and innocent reaction has captured the attention and hearts of people all over the world.

When asked what he would name the dog, Jensen said “Buddy the Elf,” referencing the Will Ferrell character in the Christmas movie “Elf.” Rebecca Browne said, “I think it’s Buddy the dog!”

Jensen’s grandparents explained that Buddy would have to live at his Nan’s house but he would be able to play with him whenever he liked.

Steven Browne, who had been filming the entire surprise, asked Jensen if the puppy was everything he had wanted. “Yes, I’m so happy,” Jensen said through his tears.

The little boy then introduced himself to the puppy, “I am Jensen, your bestest friend now.”

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Rebecca Browne is certainly very thankful for the way her parents love her and Jensen.”I couldn’t ask for a better Mum & Dad and Jensen certainly couldn’t ask for better Grandparents! He’s absolutely buzzing and can’t wait to sleep at Nans tomorrow to play with his “Buddy.”‘

It seems that having Buddy – and of course a supportive family – is really helping the young boy. His mom posted an updated on Facebook that Jensen just completed his first ever exam. “He’s absolutely amazing to me,” she said. “He’s happy and can’t wait to do another.”

No matter what his exam grade ends up being, Jensen has a new “Buddy” that will be there to greet him with licks and cuddles.

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