Boy Scout with Autism Found Alive After Going Missing During 50 Mile Wilderness Hike


Camping is an integral part of being a boy scout. It’s a great way to synthesize all the other skills you’ve learned as well as pick up some new ones.

Many people who grew up camping develop a lot of those same skills, but whether you’re a boy scout or not, nature is unpredictable, and you can easily get hurt or lost in it.

Garrett Hunter, a 13-year-old with autism, found that out over the weekend. The boy scout from Draper, Utah, was with his troop near Pinedale, Wyoming.

There were about 20 boy scouts, and they were going to be camping for several days as they crossed 50 miles of trail. Somehow, Hunter got separated from the group.

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While no one seems to know exactly when this happened, the last time anyone remembered seeing him was Saturday morning.

“We haven’t really got confirmation of how they lost sight of him,” said Sargent Travis Bingham. “It was a big group, and as they traveled out, they just noticed he wasn’t with them anymore.”

Fortunately, the boy scout was prepared and had his gear with him. His chances of surviving in the meantime were good, but it was unlikely that he would approach anyone for help even if he did bump into someone.

“Garrett is equipped with a sleeping bag, some food and a water filter,” the sheriff’s office reported. “We are receiving numerous offers for help and resources in this effort.”

“At this time we have plenty of resources available and our disposal and will be used. Our focus is and will continue to be the safe return of Garrett to his family.”

The locale would prove to make their search difficult. As Bingham said, “It’s pretty thick country. There’s a lot of trails, a lot of lakes, a lot of area to cover — it’s a huge, open wilderness.”

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By Sunday, over 30 volunteers had made the trip up to help look for the boy. The search party spent the day combing through the area, but with no luck.

It wasn’t until late Sunday night that someone found the boy.

“Garrett has been found,” reported the county sheriff, “He is in good health and will stay put with volunteer searchers until morning. More to follow.”

Despite the separation Garrett experienced, he’s in good spirits and is even looking forward to the next trip!

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