Bride Surprises Groom with First Look Standing in Front of His Late Mother's Grave


In 2016, Nick Norwood lost his mother, Dorothy. His brother had planned to get married that year and when Nick saw the empty seat and yellow rose at the ceremony, he lost it.

It’s difficult to know that your beloved parent won’t make it to your wedding. A wedding is a time of joy shared with family and friends, and mothers are a crucial part of the goings-on, the planning and the celebration.

Nick himself was getting married in 2017, and as the wedding date approached he found himself thinking more about his beloved mother.

“I was like, ‘I just wish my mom was a part of it somehow, one way or another,’” Nick told Yahoo Lifestyle in an interview.

His bride-to-be, Shyanne, struggled with the emotions her fiancé was facing. “Part of me wanted him to be super excited for our wedding and I didn’t understand, obviously, because I haven’t lost a parent,” she admitted.

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But as she saw Nick’s dilemma, she planned out a very special first look. For some, it might have been too much or stirred up too many painful memories, but her location choice proved that she knew Nick incredibly well.

Did you have a first look before your wedding?

She got her own mother in on the plan and on the day of the wedding Nick was blindfolded and driven around until they got to their location. The spot was, of course, Dorothy’s grave site.

“I told my wife that really did make my wedding day,” he said. “Obviously, marrying my wife was the biggest part. But I just kept saying how much better that made my wedding day.”

“I wasn’t thinking in the back of my head, ‘Oh, I wish my mom was here,’ because I felt like her presence was there, and I felt a lot of joy from it.”

It’s been about a year, and to share this special gift from his now-wife, he posted a photo from the day on Reddit, along with a description of the meaning behind the gesture.

“My mom died not too long before my wedding,” he wrote. “I’d tell my fiancé days leading up to our big day that I wish my mom could be apart of it somehow. My fiancé secretly planned our first look at my mom’s grave.”

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“I immediately felt my mom’s presence as I cried (tears) of joy seeing my beautiful woman in her dress.”

“For some this may have brought sadness, but my fiancé knew how peaceful I felt spending time with my mom at her grave and that it helped me cope with her loss,” he explained in the comments. “Feeling my mom’s spirit with me on my wedding day meant so much to me.”

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