Brit Hume Suggests Biden's Gaffes Are Actually Associated with Dementia


Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume rarely raises his voice, lets empty rhetoric go unchallenged, or refrains from challenging Fox News liberals like Juan Williams. (In Hume’s defense, Williams usually needs to be chastised for his cockamamy ideas.)

Hume is a clear, concise, deliberate thinker. He isn’t given to bombast. That’s actually one area in which he and Williams frequently butt heads. Williams’ more grandiose or colorful pronouncements consistently rub Hume the wrong way.

But recently, Hume sounded a little bit more like Williams than some might expect, and perhaps not without reason.

In a tweet over the weekend, Hume noted, “Biden has always made gaffes by the bushel, but some his recent ones suggest the kind of memory loss associated with senility.”

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Hume was specifically referring to Biden mixing up which state he was in while talking with the media.

“I love this place. Look, what’s not to like about Vermont in terms of the beauty of it,” the former vice president said — standing squarely in the state of New Hampshire.

We all swap syllables, flub phonemes and confuse the occasional consonant. There are lots of neurons up there working as hard as they can, and every now and then something breaks.

For most of us though, those problems aren’t very common, and that is Hume’s point.

If Biden had only slipped up once, we could chalk it up to any number of things, accidentally misspeaking being the most likely.

But Biden hasn’t slipped up just once. He’s slipped up over and over.

The reflexive response, among those who support Biden, might be that he misspeaks more than average Americans because he speaks more than the average American.

That would be a fair point if other candidates were doing the same, but they don’t appear to be. So far we haven’t heard anyone else say they were in office during a national crisis when they were not. We haven’t seen anyone else confuse two world leaders like Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

Biden’s defenders will say he’s simply tired and stressed. His detractors will say Hume is almost certainly correct and the former vice president is clearly becoming, if not already, senile.

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Either could be true. But if Hume is right, then Biden has a very big problem that’s only going to get worse. If Hume’s wrong, then Biden still has a problem because speculation will continue as long as his flubs continue.

And those flubs aren’t his only problem. Biden has been clawed to ribbons in both debates by opponents who know he’s not a hardcore leftist (he’s not — he’s a liberal Democrat with some leftist ideas safety pinned to him for good measure — and there is a difference).

His opponents have been wholly possessed by leftist animus, resulting in their being incredibly strident, wholly uncompromising, and completely determined to carry out ideological ethnic cleansing on stage. Today’s Democratic Party (the one in DC, not small towns in Arkansas) is no place for yesterday’s Democrats.

Biden is the only candidate the Democrats have who could potentially beat Trump. But, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out months ago, today’s Democrats will never let him win. He’s not ideologically pure enough. And ideological purity is the only thing that matters to the left right now.

Given Biden’s record of not being a radical leftist, every other big name on those debate stages wants to take him down. Bearing up under outside assault like that would be hard enough.

But the gaffes are worse because they’re something that deep south Democrats see as negative too. The gaffes look weak, and weakness is not what Americans want, and it’s really not what someone going up against Donald Trump needs.

Who knows if Hume’s right? This is one of those cases where the answer to the question doesn’t matter. Biden’s in bad shape regardless, and he could be in for a slow, steady decline in the polls as the gaffes pile up and his blood-thirsty, animus-infused leftist colleagues strip his ideological bones.

It’s not a pretty visual, but neither is what the left wants to do to America.

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