Bud Light Goes Dark, No Posts on Social Media Since Putting Man Who Thinks He's a Woman on Beer Can


Bud Light has been silent on social media since its marketing team told women they don’t matter and printed the face of so-called “transgender woman” Dylan Mulvaney on a can of its beer.

The brand’s decision to cater to Mulvaney has angered longtime customers, and many of them have sworn to never touch the beer again.

Last week, Mulvaney posted online that Bud Light had sent him a gift to help him celebrate a full calendar year of being a woman.

“This month I celebrated my 365 days of womanhood, and Bud Light sent me possibly the best gift ever,” Mulvaney said in a video he shared with his millions of followers.

Mulvaney added Bud Light had sent him a “can with my face on it.”

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The “trans influencer” said the move was part of a March Madness campaign, but he admitted that, unlike many, many Bud Light drinkers, he knew nothing about sports.

The decision to side with fringe gender activists over taxpaying, ordinary people who actually enjoy its product is inexplicable.

Do you think Bud Light is regretting its decision?

The exercise in woke virtue signaling will almost certainly cost Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light’s parent company, a lot of revenue.

That’s what happens when companies hire “woke” college grads who know nothing about their respective brands’ target demographic.

These people run brands into the ground and then spread the disease that is “progressivism” on to the next thing.

I have learned over the years that beer enthusiasts are particularly vocal about their drinks of choice and tend to be very brand loyal. In this instance, decades of rapport disappeared in a heartbeat.

Bud Light has not posted on Twitter since April 1 and has been silent on Facebook and Instagram since March 30.

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Of course, what is there for the company to say to its customer base? Nothing, apparently.

Even if Bud Light’s social media team tried some good, old-fashioned damage control over the marketing quagmire, it would feel the wrath of the left.

Of course, Bud Light’s complete radio silence online has not stopped many of its now-former loyal customers from lighting up its older posts.

For example, Bud Light’s last Facebook post from March 30 currently has negative reactions at a 5 – 1 ratio and has been flooded with comments such as, “Never drinking your beer again…especially with so many others… You don’t put a man dressed as a girl on the can.”

The company’s last tweet from April 1 has experienced a similar fate.

Bud Light’s accounts, including its now-radio silent Instagram page, have always posted regularly.

It’s too early to tell if the company’s lack of self-awareness will cost it big in the long term. But for now, the situation is not looking ideal.

Bud Light’s colossal failure to read the room is a cautionary tale for other companies that might be considering throwing away their credibility for no apparent reason.

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