Buffalo Wild Wings Donates Food to Outreach Center After Homeless Man Gets Vulgar Note on Check

When a homeless man walked into a Louisiana Buffalo Wild Wings, he was only hoping to purchase a decent meal.

But while he waited for his order to be prepared, a few of the restaurant’s employees decided to make jokes at his expense.

One employee wrote a vulgar note on the man’s receipt, never intending for him to actually see it.

“For Homeless F***! Let sit and get gross,” the server wrote on the take out order. “I love you,” another person wrote underneath the message.

When the man saw the note, he was incredibly hurt. But rather than leaving without saying a word, he decided to show other customers what the employees had written.

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Customer Kailynn Weston, 26, was so disgusted by the note she immediately spoke up for the man.

“I was just really upset about it, like why would you do that, especially, and he said, ‘You all know that I’m homeless, I don’t have anywhere to live,’ and it just really upset me,” she said. “And I was like, ‘That’s not okay, one, for someone to treat a customer like that, let alone a customer in his condition.'”

Weston went directly to management and demanded the employees involved be disciplined for their actions.

“I walked up to the manager and I said, ‘This isn’t right and I demand that she get fired or something happen because I won’t come here anymore, for sure, and I’ll let other people know not to come here anymore, because it’s not okay,'” she explained.

“My mom, she always taught me to treat people the way you want to be treated. And it’s not so much, I wouldn’t want that to happen to me. I teach my children that you treat people how you want to be treated,” she said.

“And to know that someone was there and that mean to someone for no reason. It hurt my feelings. I didn’t like it. I thought it was horrible.”

Management immediately responded in agreement. The employees have since been fired, and the company is working to right the situation.

“It’s embarrassing for this gentleman and it’s very inhumane on the part of the employees,” Regional Manager Ray Rhodes said. “It’s not our culture and it’s not who we are.”

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Thanks to management’s positive response, Weston will continue to be a customer and the homeless man has been shown the compassion he deserves.

The restaurant location offered the homeless man a year of free wings, a hotel room, and a Walmart gift card to help him purchase new clothes. The chain also decided to donate over 800 wings to a local homeless outreach center.

“In 7 years that I’ve been doing this we have never given out Wings. I think this is their new favorite!!” Kelli Tidwell Stawecki of Water’s Edge Gathering Church posted on Facebook. 

“…they said thank you for taking swift action and assuring that they will all be treated with respect. After all they are people too!” she continued.

“I spoke at links with the fellow this happened to & he was very thankful that everyone is being so nice to him & all is forgiven. It was a good day!! When hate is loud, love can not be silent!!”

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Liz is a story editor for The Western Journal. A graduate of the University of San Francisco and the Columbia Publishing Course, Liz has a passion for telling stories that inspire kindness.
Liz is a story editor for The Western Journal. A graduate of the University of San Francisco and the Columbia Publishing Course, Liz has a passion for telling stories that inspire kindness.
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