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Bull Falls 20' Down Well. Villagers Strain Trying To Lift Animal to Safety with Ropes


Animals can get themselves into some pretty sticky situations at times. If you’ve ever had a pet, you know that they’re a lot like kids in some ways.

They don’t always think ahead. Sometimes consequences are the furthest thing from their minds when they act.

It’s difficult to know if they actually reflect on their experiences or just do whatever they want to at that moment, but regardless, they can get themselves into some odd predicaments.

Cows are one of the best-known farm animals, and their products are staples in our lives. And yet, for being large land animals that have existed and been domesticated for quite a while, they can get stuck in something as natural as a tree.

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Rescuing a cow out of a rough spot is more different than getting a cat out of a tree. They’re huge; many cows weigh upwards of 1,200 pounds.

Which makes it difficult when you need to move them manually. But that’s just what one village in India did.

Cows are an incredibly important part of Indian culture. Not only are they revered, some people make their livelihoods from them.

So when one villager discovered a bull in a bad spot, it became everyone’s problem. A man reportedly heard a large creature splashing around in a 20-foot deep well one night.

The next day, people from the Belekundri village gathered and tried to figure out how to get the bovine out of the deep well. They lowered ropes and snared the animal, but it was too heavy for just a few people to lift.

Somehow, dozens of locals worked together and managed to pull him up a little at a time, taking short breaks to regroup. The poor animal looked utterly dejected as it was hauled to the top of the well.

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Once they managed to get him on solid ground again, he was on his side and didn’t get up for a while.

The people gathered around him made sure he was okay, and it wasn’t long before he scrambled up and took in his surroundings.

People speculated that the bull had probably fallen into the well after it started sparring with another bull.

It was a miracle that an animal that large falling that far didn’t break any limbs or drown before it was rescued. Fortunately someone was close enough and aware enough to notice this poor critter’s plight — and hopefully this bull will give wells a wide berth from now on.

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