CA Dems Now Want To Allow Noncitizens in Influential Political Roles


As California continues its leftward plight, Democratic officials within the state’s legislature are now working to ensure that illegal aliens have a shot at obtaining leadership positions within their state’s political party.

According to Fox News, Senate Bill 288 will upend the current restrictions on noncitizens, allowing them to serve as state convention delegates and county committee leaders, opening the door for illegals to even work on the Democratic platform and its issues.

This bill, which has been proposed by state Sen. Scott Wiener, is considered a direct rebuke of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

“We need to continue to send a very, very loud message that we are … going to embrace and uplift and support all American immigrant neighbors,” Wiener said, adding that the Trump administration has stirred up “fear and anxiety” in the illegal immigrant community.

This legislation was reamed by state Republicans, with California Republican National Committeeman Shawn Steel telling Fox News that the bill is more of a competition to see who can be the most left-leaning.

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“It’s abject pandering and arrogance,” Steel said. “This is what happens when you have too much power… it’s just progressives trying to out-progressive each other.”

Steel notes that the legislation will likely pass, as Democrats have secured a super-majority in the California house and senate, along with the retention of the governor’s mansion after the election of Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“Democrats can do whatever they want in California right now,” Steel stated. “They think nobody is going to oppose them.”

With bills continuing to be put forth that support noncitizens, it seems as if legal immigration is becoming a thing of the past.

Should illegal aliens be allowed to hold political roles?

What’s the point of going through the proper channels when illegals can hold government positions, get healthcare, obtain a driver’s license and everything else that was traditionally reserved for American citizens?

Either we are a country with laws and law enforcement or we’re a country with open borders. Democrats can’t continue to pretend that legal immigration and naturalization measures don’t exist — American lawmakers need to stand by the laws on the books and voters need to run liberals who support the deterioration of our borders out of town in future elections.

In public discourse and debates, progressive politicians have complained about migrant detention centers and chain-link cages that temporarily house migrant detainees — which are merely an outworking of a weakened and oppressed U.S. Border Patrol and similar agencies.

The root of the issue is that legal immigration isn’t promoted nearly enough and illegal immigration is essentially rewarded, if not incentivized.

America needs to more swiftly and efficiently deport illegal aliens and while doing so, encourage them to go through the naturalization process if they still want to be part of American life. If they don’t, then what are their motives for coming here if they only opt to take the route that’s against the law?

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That doesn’t even begin to cover how unfair illegal immigration is to people who are biding their time and becoming American citizens legally.

The process needs reforming — I don’t think anyone would argue against that — but just because it takes a long time to be rewarded with American citizenship doesn’t justify those who come here illegally.

Regardless, allowing illegals to take part in the leadership positions of a political party is a dangerous stepping stone — there’s no telling what lies ahead, especially in liberal strongholds like California.

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