Camera Crew on US Side of Border Interrupted by Automatic Fire, Captures Raging Cartel Battle a Stone's Throw from American Soil


A former Texas Department of Public Safety officer showed Fox News host Tucker Carlson this week that the border crisis is much more complex than families and children taking advantage of lax border security policies and crossing into the country in apparent record numbers.

Jaeson Jones, who once served as an officer in the Texas DPS intelligence and counter-terror division, showed that those living in South Texas are actually living just miles — if not in the middle of — a bloody drug cartel war.

Jones, who is monitoring the border crisis, shared with Fox News on Wednesday a clip he and a camera crew captured of a gun battle that occurred just south of the Rio Grande river near Roma, Texas.

From a bluff above the river looking down into the area of Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, in Mexico, Jones captured the sounds of a battle presumably between two warring drug cartels where military-grade weaponry was being used.

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“That community has been in battle between two cartels for the last two years: Cartel del Golfo — The Gulf Cartel — and Cartel del Noreste — known as Los Zetas by many people,” Jones told Fox.

The video shared is shocking for those who might have been under the impression that people flooding into the country are all well-intentioned and harmless individuals seeking a fresh start, now that President Joe Biden has essentially canceled border security.

The clip shows that the country is dealing with unvetted people who are fleeing an area that is enveloped by unthinkable violence.

The battle from Miguel Aleman actually sounded like something you’d hear in Northern Iraq.

Are you concerned about the situation on the country's border with Mexico?

Carlson pointed out when speaking with Jones that this country’s leaders seem focused on faraway war zones in other continents, while our neighbors to the south murder one another. That is happening as war is going on within earshot of American territory in Texas.

“Apparently the new president has moved additional U.S. Troops to Syria and is resisting pulling American troops out of Afghanistan. Do you see American troops on our border as the war rages right across the river?” Carlson asked the former Texas DPS official.

It would be naive to assume that our open borders policy isn’t allowing in some of the meanest, nastiest and most violent people on the planet to enter while portraying themselves as asylum-seekers. Jones touched on violence, and what he thinks should be done to combat it.

“We need to do a lot more [about the violence in Mexico]. The cartels are not just a U.S.-Mexico problem I think the way most people see them. They have gone through massive changes,” Jones said, pointing out that the Sinaloa cartel operates in an estimated 54 countries.

Per Jones, these people should be designated as “foreign terrorist organizations.”

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“That doesn’t mean we go to war with the cartels but what it does mean is that we use the tools of national power to finally focus on them,” he told Carlson.

Images such as those captured by Jones are too often hidden from the country by the establishment media and the White House.

Both would obviously prefer people remain under the impression that those entering our country illegally are seeking opportunity, and that they’re all families deserving of those opportunities.

Apparently, many of them are actually war refugees. Among them, though, there are no doubt an incalculable number of bad actors who are part of the drug and crime problem in Mexico. That problem is — and has been for some time — a critical issue in this country, especially in border communities.

Terrifyingly, the only thing currently separating rounds fired in Mexico’s violent drug war from entering the country and striking Americans is an unfinished wall. Biden made sure upon entering the White House that construction on that wall would cease immediately.

Meanwhile, the only thing stopping those firing the rounds from entering this country and bringing their violence with them is a porous border which is now the epicenter of a humanitarian crisis. The White House has no answers and seems wholly disinterested in the situation.

As our border continues to devolve into a third-world nightmare, it’s important to remember where the Biden administration’s priorities lie. There are currently thousands of troops stationed not in Roma, Texas, but in Washington, D.C.

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