Cancel Culture Comes for City Councilwoman After She Complains About Pro-BLM Activist's Texts


An Asian-American city councilwoman in liberal Los Altos, California, said she has been harassed for the past six months by a Black Lives Matter supporter because she didn’t vote the way he wanted her to on a police-related budget proposal.

The brouhaha erupted in November after Lynette Lee Eng — a member of the Common Sense Party — abstained on a vote to remove two police resource officers from a couple of local high schools, Fox News reported.

At the time, Lee Eng said she needed more information before voting on the measure, which essentially defunds the police.

That’s when she says Kenan Moos, a 22-year-old local activist, sent her an angry text and launched an extensive campaign of harassment and bullying, the outlet reported.

Moos is the founder of Justice Vanguard, a Black Lives Matter-inspired activist group.

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Lee Eng, a mother of two, said Moos was furious that she didn’t approve the proposal to remove the police resource officers from the schools.

In his Nov. 25 text, he warned her that “your name will be all over the papers” because she didn’t do what he wanted, she said.

Lee Eng said the mob harassment ratcheted up over the next few months after Moos and his supporters “repeatedly returned to subsequent city council meetings to re-air their grievances,” according to Fox News.

The councilwoman said the relentless intimidation has made it harder for her and her colleagues to do their jobs properly because they’re afraid of inciting mob rage.

As a result of today’s unhinged left-wing cancel culture, Lee Eng said she and her colleagues have to parse their words carefully or they’ll immediately get attacked as “racist.”

“It makes it hard to clearly state your position, because you have to constantly rethink it,” she told Fox News. “You want to make sure it’s stated correctly so no one takes offense, because if not, this is what’s going to happen to you.”

However, if you carry water for today’s radical left the way Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York does, you gain social media clout and get hailed a hero.

“If you’re in the more ‘popular’ view, of course, it’s easy for you to do your job,” Lee Eng said.

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The councilwoman said she already makes an effort to communicate clearly and deliberately because she’s a stroke survivor, so being emotionally blackmailed and repeatedly intimidated makes her life that much harder.

Lee Eng said she’s already terrified due to the alarming wave of racist hate crimes against Asian-Americans — mostly by black assailants — in Democrat-run cities.

Being targeted by Moos made her, her family and her constituents feel unsafe, she said.

Do you think the councilwoman deserves an apology?

“People need to feel safe to be able to express themselves, and if I don’t feel safe, that should tell you my constituents don’t feel safe,” Lee Eng said.

Moos has claimed his texts were not threats and even explicitly said in one of them that they were “in no way a threat of any kind,” Fox News reported.

At a May 11 Los Altos City Council meeting, a speaker who identified herself as Linda slammed the bullying campaign against Lee Eng, calling it racist harassment.

“You can’t fight racism with racism,” the woman said, according to the Los Altos Town Crier. “The bullies have made no effort to understand Ms. Lee Eng’s culture or point of view. It’s time for the bullies to educate themselves about Asian culture, show the empathy they demand and stop the attacks.”

BLM supporters apparently believe they can harass and bully anyone they want — including other minorities — because they’ve been emboldened by the establishment media and corporate America, which have foolishly bent the knee to their mob tactics.

However, the tide is turning as the public is starting to realize that the race-hustling grifters have opportunistically weaponized sham “social justice” activism to silence their critics and enrich themselves.

A rude awakening is giving way to a harsh wake-up call.

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