Candace Cameron Bure Shuts Down Body-Shamer Who Makes Rude Comment About Her Weight


When a body-shamer commented on one of Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram photos, she very quickly and graciously shut her down.

Candace posted a photo of her standing next to her son after a celebratory dinner. One follower quickly commented and said, “All that exercising and you still look like you weigh more than your husband, did you change your diet?”

First of all, the commenter mistook Cameron’s son for her husband and retired hockey player, Valeri Bure.

Candace replied, “If a 25 inch waist looks big to you… then you’re looking through an altered lens. Be well.”

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Other fans rallied around the “Full House” actress in support and praised her for responding honestly and graciously.

The 42 year old actress has no tolerance for any body-shamers after sharing her past struggle with bulimia. After marrying her husband and moving to Montreal to live with him, she began to feel isolated.

She found comfort in food and began a long cycle of bingeing and purging.

She said, “The change of having worked since I was 5 years old to now becoming a wife and soon-to-be mom, and living in a city where I didn’t have family and friends around me, I kind of lost the sense of who I was.”

Since then, she has worked hard to have a healthy relationship with food. The actress heavily leaned on her faith during her recovery and knows that her strength came from it.

Candace released a new book called “Kind is the New Classy” on April 24, 2018, where she talks about how to remain kind in unkind world. She argues that kindness does not mean weakness. “You can be strong and kind. You can be kind and ambitious. You can be kind and respectful.”

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“It starts with you. You have a choice to be positive, to be kind, to be respectful no matter what people you encounter in your day whether they agree or not,” she told Fox News.

Her interaction on Instagram shows that she chooses to be kind in her everyday life. Hopefully the woman who commented on Candace’s post got the message and will choose a similar path in the future.

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