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Caring Father Shows Up at Daughter's Work to Salt Icy Road So She Wouldn't Slip and Fall: 'My Heart Y'all'


There’s a special bond between good parents and their children that is a beautiful thing to see. They care about every aspect of their child’s life, from the tiniest issues to the biggest heartbreaks.

They wait expectantly for your first steps. They pick you up when you fall down. And when you’ve flown the coop and started on your own life, they’re still there — waiting for opportunities to show you that they still care.

It’s not always about huge gestures or grand sums of money: It’s the little, everyday kindnesses that make us feel loved.

Elizabeth Bautista Boyd of Oklahoma experienced one of those gestures this week after getting to work.

The roads had frozen, and like many parents, Boyd’s father had probably thought about that fact and hoped his daughter would get to work without an unfortunate incident occurring.

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But he didn’t stop with the thought. He did something about it. Boyd posted photos of her father’s act of kindness on Wednesday.

“You guys… THIS IS MY DAD,” she wrote. “He drove to my workplace and waited on me to arrive so he could pour a trail of salt from my vehicle to the front door of my building so that I, his 38 year old daughter, wouldn’t slip and fall on the ice…

“My heart y’all… Love you daddy.”

The photos show her dad, a bag of salt in hand, carefully scattering a path of salt across the icy road. The fatherly concern resonated with thousands of people, and in around 24 hours, the post had over 70,000 reactions and over 76,000 shares.

Some shared that their dads would do the same, while some said their dads were more of the laugh-if-you-fall sort. Others said the post reminded them of their late fathers.

“Do something extra special for him!” wrote one person. “Definitely give him a HUGE HUG, big enough for all of us who no longer have our dads.”

“This melted my heart!!” wrote another. “What an amazing Daddy you have. Wish mine was still here.”

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“[M]y Dad is just like yours!” wrote a third. “I’m 39 and married! And he still checks on me every single day! they sure don’t make them like that anymore! We are blessed!”

Others pointed out that her father was sporting a baseball cap that read, “I am not ashamed of Jesus Christ,” and his servant’s attitude is certainly proving that.

Are you blessed to know someone who would do something like this? The world could certainly use more of these gentle kindnesses!

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