Huckabee Shares with Herman Cain's Daughter What Her Father Really Meant to the World


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Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told Herman Cain’s daughter, Melanie Cain Gallo, that the world is a better place because of the life her father led.

“I loved your dad,” he said to Gallo, who was a recent guest on his Trinity Broadcast Network program, “Huckabee,” to promote the political documentary film “From Poor to CEO: The Incredible Journey of Herman Cain.”

“A great, great man and the world is better because Herman Cain walked on this planet and spread his love and his joy,” the commentator added.

“Was he always telling stories when you were growing up?” Huckabee wondered, referencing Cain’s incredible sense of human

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“Yes, sometimes more than we asked,” Gallo responded with a laugh.

Asked the lesson that most stuck with her from her dad, Gallo answered it was his solution-based mindset in addressing problems in life.

“Obviously, relying on prayer and God,” she added.

“He loved the Lord,” Huckabee observed. “He wasn’t just a Sunday church Christian. He was every day.”

Do you agree joy was one of Herman Cain's best traits?

Gallo agreed.

“From Poor to CEO” filmmaker Barry Tolli told Huckabee what drew him to make a movie about Cain was the former presidential candidate’s incredible persona.

“Once I finally got to meet him and just experience his charisma, the way he loved everybody, and the way he was just so magnetic. He was like gravity. He was one of those people,” he said.

Tolli worked as a director on Cain’s daily online program for The Western Journal before the conservative icon’s passing in July from COVID-19.

The documentary was shot a little over a year before Cain’s passing.

Tolli recounted that his former boss spread love wherever he went.

“Everybody that he saw, he met at 100 percent,” the director told The Western Journal. “He didn’t care what your race was, what your religion was or what your political background was, he met you at 100 as a human being. He loved you.”

“From Poor to CEO” has a personal, warm feel to it, interspersed with that trademark Herman Cain humor.

The film takes the viewer to key locations in the former Godfather Pizza CEO’s life and uses a mixture of archival footage, animations and interviews to tell a true American success story.

In one scene, Cain shares with an audience the importance of both trusting God and setting goals.

“The distance between the highest goal you have in your head and your long-term dream only God knows the answer,” Cain said, explaining God has the timing of such things in his hands.

“You have to trust God, but you also have to identify your goals,” he explained.

Tolli believes Cain lived the quintessential American life.

“He represents everything that’s good about America,” Tolli said. “He’s just an incredibly inspiring person.”

You can watch the incredible journey of Herman Cain by clicking here.

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