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When Cat Interrupts News Segment, Reporter Can't Stop Laughing in Video


Canines and felines are very different creatures, as anyone who identifies as a “dog” or “cat” person will tell you.

Dogs are generally affable and friendly, while many cats are standoffish or simply enjoy doing what they want when they want, often in spite of — or because of — how it may interfere with a human’s plans.

Cats are just their own animals — independent, insistent and proud of it.

Reporter Artur Lira of TV Paraiba in Brazil got a little taste of that recently when a particularly interested cat made him a target — in the best way possible.

Lira was filming a segment outside of a police station when the hilarious encounter happened.

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“This is serious news,” Lira told Globo News later.

But as he tried to start the piece, he faltered and broke into laughter.

He said he felt a “tickle” against his legs and looked down to see a black-and-white cat looking up at him imploringly.

Amused by the situation, Lira told Globo News that he “asked the cameraman to continue recording for me to show to coworkers in the newsroom.”

It was a funny interaction, but work still needed to be done, so Lira moved behind a truck and they decided to start filming again. The cat was one step ahead of them.

“[T]he cat climbed into one of the vehicles and stood in front of me,” Lira said. “That was when I couldn’t stand it and started laughing.”

The video shows it all.

The inquisitive little cat’s head pops into view just as Lira is composing himself and getting into reporting mode. Lira loses it, and the resulting clip was shared online, much to the delight of viewers around the globe.

“He was so cute that you can’t even feel angry,” a translation of his post from Wednesday read. “I think this cat wanted to be famous.”

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People began reaching out to Lira, telling him that it was a done deal and the cat had chosen him.

He was now the owner, like it or not.

“People are asking me to adopt the cat,” he admitted. “I want to adopt him, but I’m trying to negotiate with my mother.”

The proposal wasn’t quite as straightforward as some might hope.

The cat was available — he was a stray that the police station had been feeding.

But the problem was that Lira’s mother had just suffered a loss: Her dog of 18 years had recently passed away, and she wasn’t ready to bring on a new charge just yet.

Despite that, the cat did manage to find a more permanent home with a relative of Lira’s, ensuring that he’d still get to visit it.

“We had a happy ending!” he posted in an update on Thursday. “Everyone was sad because my mom can’t adopt the cat. And as I said, I understand her decision and in a way I agree.”

“But my aunt neide decided to stay with frajola I’m very happy because he’s staying in our family. My Aunt lives near my house so I will always visit him.”

Although Lira is not technically the cat’s owner, he made sure the kitty would be well cared for and bought him all the basic cat supplies.

He also said in his post that he’ll be taking the feline to get fixed and up-to-date on vaccines.

“I’m very happy and I know you too,” he concluded in his post. “Now our dellegatto has a home to receive even more love and affection.”

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