Chaos Erupts After BLM Protester Punches Black Trump Supporter in Front of Cops


After more than six weeks of using American streets as a battlefield for war against American culture, some leftists are finally being reined in by police.

Emboldened by the rhetoric and the apparent endorsements of high-profile Democrats and the media, some activists have used brute force to challenge their adversaries.

They’ve done so with apparent impunity in many places.

Very few of the thousands of people who have taken part in the demonstrations — which have left businesses looted or burned, and people assaulted or killed — have been arrested.

The establishment media has collectively reported that these are “mostly peaceful” protests, but those who have been paying attention know better.

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It’s almost as if those engaging in malfeasance have been given a free pass for all of six weeks, because to a large degree, they have.

They’ve been able to get away with breaking not only social mores, but clearly defined laws.

So, it comes as little surprise that after a man punched another man in the face near Lafayette Square Park in Washington, D.C., this week, the mob he was aligned with was completely shocked when police took him into custody.

The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura documented a July 7 attack on a black man and apparent Donald Trump supporter on Twitter.

In an area near the park, which has been named “Black Lives Matter Plaza,” a man who Ventura identified as a Trump supporter was punched in the face by a Black Lives Matter activist.

WARNING: The following videos contain vulgar language and scenes of violence that some viewers may find disturbing.

“Breaking – #BLM protester punches Trump supporter in the face then is immediately arrested. Things are getting hostile at BLM plaza. Stay tuned for more updates on the ground,” Ventura posted to Twitter, along with a video of the assault.

In a follow-up tweet, Ventura reported on how upset the man’s cohorts were about the arrest.

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“Protesters angry at police that a #BLM protester was arrested after assaulting a Trump supporter here on #BLM plaza moments ago,” he wrote, again sharing footage from the scene.

“The protesters tried to follow the officers who were leading the suspect away, and the police formed a line to hold the group back,” the Daily Caller News Foundation reported. “A smaller group began to physically fight with police, and a man in a teal shirt was detained.”

Ventura later shared another update from the scene of the attack, where Black Lives Matter demonstrators were taking their anger over the situation out on police officers.

“‘F*** you and your Hitler mustache’ protesters yells to DC police after a #BLM protester was arrested for assaulting a Trump supporter on #BLM plaza,” Ventura tweeted — again, with clear footage.

The Washington Post, meanwhile, provided some more context to Tuesday night’s events.

“In one of the incidents that occurred just before 7 p.m. Tuesday, officials in charging documents said that a person later identified as Dre Thompson, 40, confronted and punched someone shouting ‘four more years, four more years’ near the White House,” the outlet reported.

“As D.C. police officers attempted to arrest Thompson, who they say initially resisted, another protester broke through the crowd-control line and assaulted a sergeant, charging documents state. Joseph Diamond III, 46, attempted ‘to impede and obstruct officers from making the arrest,’ court documents said,” The Post added.

“Prosecutors charged Thompson with simple assault and Diamond with resisting arrest and assault on a police officer.”

It’s clear that after spending more than a month disregarding fundamental laws, like those against punching people in the face, Black Lives Matter activists have grown quite accustomed to getting their way.

Do you think Black Lives Matter is a Marxist terror group?

The Marxist movement feels it should be free to silence its critics using any means necessary, including violence.

To even disagree with their tactics is apparently racist.

But perhaps the tide is turning against the group, as was evident by the quick arrest of the man who, if the video isn’t lying to us, engaged in a clear act of assault.

What’s shocking, though, is not that a person representing a group which purports to care about black lives would attack a black man for holding different values. This movement has continued to prove with their actions that they only care for “some” black lives.

What is striking is how the man’s Black Lives Matter brethren reacted to his swift arrest — they were irate, and they charged police.

They felt that their arrested compatriot was entitled to assault the Trump supporter, likely because the victim held the wrong political beliefs.

It’s almost as if leftist street agitators have become so brazen and enabled by the media and their corporate sponsors that they have forgotten about clearly defined laws against striking strangers in public. There are also laws against arson, looting, homicide and destroying both public and private property.

It might not seem like it, but the arrests at Lafayette Square Park this week were most definitely a start to taking back the rule of law from the lawless.

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