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Charlie Kirk: Normalizing Totalitarianism - the Democrat Dictators-in-Waiting

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Left-wing revolutions almost always descend into totalitarian dictatorship over time, but the current crop of Democrat presidential candidates wants to skip the intermediate steps and dive straight into Stalinism.

All of the leading 2020 Democrats — and many of their hopeless rivals, as well — have declared all-out war on the private sector.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, for instance, wants to nationalize the entire health care industry, ripping health care plans away from hundreds of millions of Americans and forcing them into a one-size-fits-all government program.

For Sanders, the very idea of “profit” is rage-inducing, and in his mind it’s imperative that the government must dictate which products people are allowed to buy and how much they should cost.

Needless to say, Bernie’s “political revolution” is a recipe for the worst form of despotism, communism, which deprives people of economic freedom in addition to their other fundamental rights.

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, meanwhile, views climate change as an ideal excuse to create the Soviet-style command economy that she desperately desires. Warren’s recent proposals include $1.5 trillion for the federal procurement of “green” products, $400 billion for “clean energy” R&D, and $100 billion worth of financial assistance so that foreign countries can afford to buy American-made “green” products.

The massive government intervention that Warren envisions resembles nothing so much as the infamous five-year plans that killed millions of innocent civilians in the former Soviet Union.

Sen. Kamala Harris has also promised a despotic presidency, indicating that she would rule not by consent but by executive fiat. Before the first ballots have even been cast in the primaries, Harris has given up on the legislative process and become a strong advocate for executive orders, asserting that she would take executive action to deprive millions of law-abiding Americans of their constitutionally-guaranteed right to bear arms and to order de facto amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants within 100 days of her inauguration.

Her threats to rule by decree should be taken seriously: as a prosecutor, Harris made sure that her victims felt the full force of her powers. She became known for withholding exculpatory evidence, championing laws to prosecute the parents of truant children, and denying justice to wrongly-prosecuted prisoners on death row.

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Harris expressed no remorse when she was attacked for this record at the Detroit debate, defiantly responding that “I am proud of it.” Perhaps if she had used her authority to advance the cause of “social justice,” rather than criminal justice, Harris would have been praised, not blamed, for her authoritarian tactics.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose base of support doesn’t extend much past his immediate family, tried to steal some much-needed attention by calling for literal class warfare.

In Detroit, de Blasio said that as president, he “will even up the score and we will tax the hell out of the wealthy.” The reference to evening up the score is particularly worrisome coming from de Blasio, who as Mayor of New York has expressed “visceral” disdain for the concept of private property.

Mayor de Blasio might have trouble matching the Stalinist inclinations of Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, though.

Ryan used his spot on the debate stage to call for the creation of a Cabinet-level “Chief Manufacturing Officer” with practically unchecked power over the American economy. Ryan wants this manufacturing czar to compel American companies to produce certain goods and services so that we can “dominate” the markets for electric vehicles and batteries.

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As communist regimes throughout history have learned, however, such goals can only be accomplished at the expense of individual liberty, private property rights, and economic prosperity.

Democrats want complete control over both the economy and the lives of American citizens, and they showed during their recent debates in Detroit that they wouldn’t hesitate to trample our most precious and fundamental rights in pursuit of that power.

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