Charlie Kirk: Impeachment Circus Takes Focus Off Radicalism of the 2020 Democrats


The extremist Democrats running for president in 2020 must be thanking their lucky stars for the ongoing impeachment circus — the witch hunt against President Donald Trump is a perfect distraction from their lurch to the radical left.

Ever since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the so-called “impeachment inquiry” into Donald Trump, the mainstream media have been obsessed with covering every minute “development” as this bogus political stunt unfolds, deliberately twisting the facts and searching for new whistleblowers to spill the fake beans in order to fit an overarching “Ukrainegate” narrative intended to help fuel the Democratic Party’s quest to oust the president.

Even after the White House took the extraordinary step of releasing the transcript of President Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, for instance, the liberal media kept doggedly trying to portray the routine and innocuous conversation as an impeachable offense.

The Democrat-media complex even went after the few reporters and analysts who had the guts to cover the phone call objectively, openly accusing them of promoting a pro-Trump narrative.

Of course, the timing of this impeachment inquiry is a blessing for the 2020 Democrats — in more ways than one.

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Not only is the sham process crafted to maximize the opportunity for Democrats to glean opposition research they can use against President Trump, but the biased media can now devote themselves single-mindedly to producing wall-to-wall coverage of the impeachment circus rather than covering the growing list of far-left policy proposals coming out of the mouths of the Democrat presidential candidates.

Notably, the latest political science research suggests that radical progressivism is turning off independent voters. An M.I.T. Election Lab researcher recently produced an analysis showing that the Democratic Party’s shift to the left “repels independents,” virtually eradicating the Democrats’ chances of defeating President Trump in the 2020 general election.

The candidates created this problem for themselves by spending the first few rounds of primary debates vying to stake out the most extreme positions possible as they seek to solidify their support among the Democrat base.

They’ve also conducted televised town hall events with the leader in fake news, CNN, focused on the “Climate Crisis” and LGBT issues.

Do you think the Democrats' move to the left will turn off independent voters?

But when the candidates go head-to-head in a debate, impeachment offers them a safety valve, allowing them to pivot back to Donald Trump any time the conversation starts veering off into a radical policy area.

The media have already demonstrated that they’re perfectly happy to ignore the Democrats’ ideological extremism in favor of impeachment-related speculation.

Where is the media outrage over Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s new pledge to implement back pay for illegal aliens, for instance? Why aren’t reporters condemning the Democrats for stonewalling President Trump’s U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement?

Have we forgotten about the fact the Democrats want to spend trillions of dollars on environmental plans that would dismantle our entire economy, confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens, and revoke the tax-exempt status of churches for opposing same-sex marriage?

The ongoing impeachment circus in Washington couldn’t have come at a better time for the Democrats, who desperately needed something to distract the public from their embrace of an extremist big-government agenda that is completely unacceptable to most voters.

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It’s only a temporary solution, though.

Eventually, the impeachment hoax will collapse, just like “Russiagate” before it, and the Democrat nominee will be left with nothing but a platform that repels mainstream Americans.

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