Children's Hospital Changes Name to 'Hospital of Love' and Releases Tear-Jerking Video


A Brazilian treatment center for children with cancer released a tear-jerking video to announce its new name. Seriously, y’all, grab some tissues!

The Hospital do Câncer de Barretosi is changing its name to “Hospital de Amor,” or “Hospital of Love.”

The Hospital of Love wants to put an emphasis on the importance of love as an integral part of fighting cancer.

To help promote the new name, a Brazilian advertising company called WMcCann created a short, 3-minute film. The 3-D animated film, produced by Zombie Studio and Loud, took 10 months to produce.

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André Marques, the Creative Vice-President of WMcCann, said, “The creative solution came up almost naturally, as the new hospital name is nothing but a fundamental component to treat the disease. It also shows a more modern and humane approach for the treatment.”

The featured song, “Heart Full of Love,” was composed specifically for the film. Felipe Vassão and Rafa Kabelo from Loud Studio composed the song while Rebecca Peters performed it.

“We literally loved the challenge of helping to tell this story through a song, and both the creatives and the movie directors gave us total freedom to create, something very rare nowadays,” Vassão said.

The lyrics of the chorus say, “As long as love fills your heart, you know you’ll never fall apart.”

The video was shared on the Hospital of Love’s Facebook on April 28, 2018. It is the first piece of many in a campaign planned to release throughout 2018.

The caption with the video reads, “Winning cancer is much easier when we are surrounded by much affection and care. In more than 50 years of history, our institution has always endeavored to offer highly qualified, humanized and full of love.”

The film follows the journey of a little girl from her diagnosis to the beginning of her treatment. The opening scene shows the little girl playing with her dog when she gets dizzy and eventually blacks out.

After her diagnosis, the film depicts the girl’s fears as she falls further down while watching her diagnosis affect her family as well. She continues to fall further down into those fears until a familiar, canine friend shows up.

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When the girl’s dog gives her a little kiss on her cheek, a heart balloon pops up behind her. Different members of her family along with a doctor come by showing her little moments of love which grow the number of balloons which eventually pull her up, out of her fears.

It ends with her spending time with her family, dog included, surrounded by her family showing just how important love and support are during cancer treatment.

This hospital’s emphasis on love is truly heartwarming!

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