Chilling Video: County Board Member Says He Has to Certify Arizona Election or He'll Be Arrested


With voter’s faith in the election process for Arizona at an all-time low, the state moved to silence future questions from election officials.

Ron Gould, Mohave County Board of Supervisors chairman, asserted that he did not have a choice when it came to certifying the results of the recent election.

“I found out today that I have no choice but to vote [in favor of approving the canvass], or I’ll be arrested and charged with a felony,” Gould said.

“I don’t think that that is what our founders had in mind when they used the democratic process to elect our leaders, or some form of self-government. And I find that very disheartening.”

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“What we found out today from the county attorney is, essentially, if I have a question with how our election is run and I don’t get my question answered, I have no choice but to canvass the election, which is the technical word for certifying it,” Ron Gould said on KTAR-FM’s “The Gaydos and Chad Show” on Monday.

Failure to canvass the election would result in felony charges.

Mohave’s certification left Cochise County as the last remaining holdout for the Monday certification deadline.

Do you trust Arizona elections?

After Cochise County’s refusal, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs filed a lawsuit Monday night for failure to certify the election.

For voters that are fed up with the lack of transparency in the voting process and who have questions about the countless voting machine failures and other inconsistencies, this failure to address the election’s fundamental issues makes it impossible to trust the election process at all.

“Arizona — and that is Maricopa County — is the laughingstock of the country and the world. And they don’t even seem to care, which is even more frightening,” said Hildy Angius, Mohave County supervisor, according to Havasu News.

“I will vote to certify this canvass under duress for the chaos Maricopa County has forced into our election process.”

When those in positions of power use their authority to prevent questions from being raised about the conduct of an election with such obvious faults, it isn’t just the voters of that county that are disenfranchised.

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The failure to address the faults of the election also impacts rural voters who already have a smaller voice compared to urban voters.

Now, not only are their votes seemingly less valuable, but they may not even be properly counted.

In Cochise County we have at least one board that tried to hold out to get answers to questions we all have about the integrity of an election so riddled with problems. Unfortunately, in the face of felony charges for refusing to fold and follow along with the madness, the members of the board finally gave in.

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