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Christmas Miracle for Neglected Momma Dog About to Deliver Pups in Freezing Cold


Many good Samaritans see and report sad cases of animal neglect and abuse, and as the colder months approach, many of those calls are regarding animals that have been given inadequate shelter from the elements.

The Richmond Animal Care and Control in Richmond, Virginia, was made aware of a case involving a very pregnant pit bull mix that had been left outdoors in freezing temperatures, with no shelter except a wooden doghouse full of water, according to what one RACC worker said in a video posted to their Facebook page.

The RACC seized the pup on Friday evening, and it was clear that the dog — who they named “Mama Manolo” — was ready to pop any moment.

“When we take dogs from the freezing cold who are so pregnant they are ready to pop, this is what we do!” the RACC shared on Dec. 23.

“This sweet girl (Mama Manolo) is going to Virginia Veterinary Centers for the night, in case she goes into labor — we didn’t want her to be alone! We are so thankful for our veterinary community at VVC, and to our RACC Foundation for supporting this extra cost.”

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The pregnant momma dog was quite large, and in a comment on their video, the animal care and control shared that they had been able to determine that she was carrying at least eight puppies.

Sure enough, Mama Manolo had her pups on Christmas, and the RACC shared the happy update the following day.

“Happy Monday!” they shared on Monday. “For those of you that saw our video of Mama Manolo on Christmas Eve, she had NINE perfect puppies late on Christmas night and ended early this morning! 7 girls and 2 boys!

“We are grateful to our Officers for saving Manolo from the freezing temps, and that these pups arrived in a warm and safe environment with our skilled team at VVC.”

The pups will be available for adoption once they’re eight weeks old, the RACC told WRIC-TV.

Many well-meaning people struggle to provide warm accommodations for their animals, and the RACC is doing their best to keep pets in loving homes that need a little extra assistance. They are offering straw and even the use of loaner crates, so owners can provide clean, warm, safe spots for their pets to shelter from the cold.

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“Baby it’s COLD outside!” the RACC posted earlier in December.

“With temps dropping below freezing the next few nights we want you to do the best you can for your pets. First, bring them inside; we can provide you with a temporary crate if needed.

“Second, make sure their outside (dog and cat houses) have lots of clean and dry straw; this is available free to you right now @racc_shelter. Please share this with anyone in need and look out for your neighbors!”

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