Pregnant Dog Buried Alive in the Ground. Days Later, Dog Heard Crying from Under Bricks


Female dogs tend to hide away when pregnant. They may form safe havens under beds, below decks, or behind bushes.

It’s quite normal to witness this kind of behavior in expecting dog-moms. Most of them do this because they want to be in a dark and quiet place to give birth.

One example of this happened in 2015. A pregnant dog in Russia decided to hide inside a large opened hole on a sidewalk.

Instinctively, it was the perfect den to have her babies away from humans and outside interference. But her shelter had soon become threatened by sidewalk repairers.

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Workers had placed down new cobblestone and buried the dog alive in the ground. For two days, the animal was trapped alone in the dark until she was heard crying from under the bricks.

Concerned resident, Vadim Rustam, and his wife tried to get help from city authorities but they declined their request. So, the couple decided to take matters into their own hands.

A YouTube video recorded by Rustam’s wife showed him prying away at the stones. He used a chisel and hammer to pull up the neatly-placed bricks, revealing the sandy ground underneath.

After moving enough stones, Rustam started to dig the sand away. Eventually, the dog’s face poked out from the dark hole.

Rustam managed to scoop a big enough space for the dog to escape. He soon realized she was too weak to climb her way out, and so gently pulled her out to safety.

Happy to finally be out of the darkness, the dog wagged her tail as she walked over to thank her rescuers. They named her “Belka” and took her to a veterinarian for treatment.

Sadly, none of the puppies made it, but at least Belka was now on the road to finding a new home. In addition to being put up for adoption, the pooch was able to get the treatment she needed with the help of outside donations.

It’s unclear if the burial was intentional or accidental, though some have said it was the former. Whatever the reason may have been, it didn’t claim the life of this sweet pup and her rescuers are surely the ones to thank for that!

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