CNN Contributor Loses It... Labels God a Woman, Thanks "Her" for Trainwreck And Gowdy


Another deadly tragedy, another CNN talking head gleefully tweeting about it. Some things just never change.

Nearly as predictable as the seasons, leftist author Jonathan Tasini has taken to social media to delight in tragedy. As seen in the tweet below, the self-described “CNN talking head” quite jovially manages to insult the dead, the injured, and untold number of people who potentially could have been killed or injured in a recent train crash, as well as the entire Republican Party.

“A specially chartered Amtrak train crashed Wednesday into a garbage truck in rural Virginia as it shuttled congressional GOPers to their annual issues retreat at the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va,” Fox News reported.

Just for good measure, Tasini managed to also insult a couple billion Christians and more-than-a-few million Jews. Far from done, he maligned Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy who has announced he will not be running for Congress.

“Wow, btwm train full of Goopers hitting truck and this, God is working hard today to clean up the stink. Thank her. #TreyGowdy #goptrainwreck,” Tasini tweeted.

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In spite of Tasini making a half-hearted attempt to clear the air, then deleting his patently childish tweet, the world can thank the enigmatic Based Monitor for reminding the obviously knee-jerk Bernie-backer that “The internet is forever.”

In addition to deleting the tweet, Tasini has also set his Twitter settings to private after the backlash.

Actor and Twitter superstar James Woods weighed-in on the controversial Tasini tweet with a Twitter salvo of his own, after CNN tried to distance themselves from the “Bernie Sanders surrogate.”

CNN might want to let Tasini know he’s been canned. Much like Milton Waddams of Office Space fame, he thinks he still works there.

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While Tasini’s personal slap at Gowdy likely rolled down Gowdy’s back (it’s understood that the former prosecutor has dealt with much scarier individuals than the likes of Tasini.), what very well may have insulted Gowdy and billions of other believers in the Creator (aka: “God the Father”) was Tasini’s ignorant swipe at the same.

Tasini’s tweet was obviously a planned dig at the faithful, as Christians and Jews alike agree that the Almighty is consistently referred to in the Scriptures in the masculine.

And as any Christian who knows even the basics, Christ referred to His Father as “Abba,” translated from the Aramaic as “father.”

This isn’t exactly the first time CNN has been linked to perpetuating fake news for fluff, or what could best be described as “power pouting.” News sources as diverse as Real Clear Politics to Deadline Hollywood have cited even more examples of CNN’s shenanigans.

As RCP cited, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, former adviser to President Trump, related, “I mean, I went on CNN yesterday (for my sins) for 16 minutes. 16 minutes. For 16 minutes, the host wanted to talk about the president’s tweets.”

The former professor at Marine Corps University also stated, “There are 7 people dead in the UK — our close allies — 48 in the hospital, half in intensive care, and the media wants to talk about a tweet? It is just an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ reality.”

Yet another sad example is a report from Deadline Hollywood.

As published, “UPDATE with additional reactions President Donald Trump’s disparagement of CNN International yesterday might not have been just his usual anti-media disdain, says CNN’s Brian Stelter. The Reliable Sources host, noting that Trump’s Saturday tweet targeting (very specifically) CNN International arrived on the exact day that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill allowing Russia to register international media outlets as foreign agents.”

With refreshing honesty, DH concluded, “Stelter said Trump’s tweet, whether by design or coincidence, ‘reads like an invitation to undemocratic regimes around the world to harass CNN journalists with the blessing of the U.S. president.'”

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