CNN: Trump's Call for Unity and Togetherness 'Could Put Vulnerable People at Risk'


President Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving proclamation triggered those working at CNN, leading the activist organization to ramp up its coronavirus fear-mongering.

Trump, in a proclamation issued on Wednesday, bucked the official narrative being pushed by the establishment media and some elected Democrats.

Amid a reported surge in coronavirus cases, the establishment media’s peddling of pandemic fear has spiked.

In conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the media and its allies in the Democratic Party worked to essentially cancel Thanksgiving.

But Trump issued a proclamation defying them all.

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Trump recognized early Americans as well as soldiers, first responders and everyday Americans who have sacrificed so much amid the pandemic.

He also asked Americans to celebrate the holiday together.

“I encourage all Americans to gather, in homes and places of worship, to offer a prayer of thanks to God for our many blessings,” Trump wrote.

The proclamation carried a tone of optimism.

Did you spend your Thanksgiving with family?

One could argue that it also perhaps called for unity.

But the activists at CNN, who apparently loathe unity and optimism, attempted a takedown of the Trump Thanksgiving proclamation.

CNN’s Maegan Vasquez authored a Thanksgiving day web story that was headlined, “White House Thanksgiving proclamation calls for Americans to ‘gather’ even as Covid-19 surges.”

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“Public health experts are warning that Thanksgiving could be ‘the mother of all superspreader events.’ And the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends against traveling for Thanksgiving as a means to preventing further spread of the coronavirus,” Vasquez argued.

“Coronavirus cases are surging, and public health officials warn that family gatherings like Thanksgiving, which are often indoors and multi-generational, could put vulnerable people at risk.”

The CNN reporter went on to note how many people are dead or sick, before noting, “Trump has frequently flouted public health warnings.”

Vasquez did not criticize those who gathered after her network and others prematurely called the 2020 election for Democrat Joe Biden earlier this month.

The CNN report also did not disparage other gatherings of leftists, such as riots, which have occurred throughout the year.

Those gatherings, we have to assume, are not places where the coronavirus can spread, as the media gave them their tacit endorsement.

But Thanksgiving is a day when Americans traditionally come together to see family and to share blessings with one another.

Thanksgiving, like attending religious services, can be a unifying experience.

So CNN worked to squash it, as it did with Trump’s message for unity on the holiday.

Ironically, Democrats and the leftist establishment media began talking about unity shortly after they crowned Biden the winner of the election.

We know what unity for Democrats looks like:

Trump’s message urging Americans to come together for one special day was delivered with quite the unifying tone.

But for CNN, that kind of unity is dangerous.

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