CNN Writer Carries Out Unhinged Attack on Conan the War Dog's Ceremony with Trump, Melania


Another day, another cause for simple bipartisan contentment and cheer dampened by the incessant and deranged droning of left-wing establishment media.

Conan, the heroic U.S. Special Forces service dog who played a critical role last month in the raid that eliminated Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, finally got the chance Monday to return to the United States to be honored at the White House.

Greeted alongside his fellow operators in the Oval Office by President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and first lady Melania Trump, Conan was given a medal and plaque for his service before being brought out to the courtyard for a moment with reporters.

Alas, establishment media figures could not refrain from ruining a beautiful moment by using it as an opportunity to launch another assault in their nearly four-year tete-a-tete with Trump.

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“Trump and Melania exude coldness to Conan the hero dog,” left-wing CNN contributor Joan Walsh said on Twitter of the less than seven minutes of media time following the Oval Office meeting.

There was apparently no shortage of things for Walsh to be upset with.

To her, every individual moment of the brief exchange with reporters rang out with a sense of evil foreboding.

The first lady’s beautiful dress, embroidered with an array of red and white roses, was somehow “slightly macabre.”

Melania Trump’s unwillingness to stand directly on top of the dog — something a normal person might view as an attempt to give media photographers a better angle — was disrespectful, as was the president’s failure to name Conan’s breed (he’s a Belgian Malinois).

Trump’s light-hearted joke that reporters should stay quiet lest the dog attack them betrayed the dystopian will of the administration. The event was “terrifying,” Walsh wrote.

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That’s right, “terrifying.”

And she repeated it for emphasis.

A more painful stretch is hardly imaginable.

But apparently it was possible, because the outright media childishness surrounding the Trump administration’s attempts to show their support for this heroic military service animal began within 48 hours of the raid.

Conan was met with widespread social media adoration following the unveiling of his identity by Trump — adoration that, of course, resulted in the creation and circulation of hero dog memes.

And one such meme somehow managed to spark an establishment media firestorm: a clearly photoshopped image of the president awarding a military dog with the “Medal of Pawner,” courtesy of The Daily Wire.

Mainstream outlets such as The Washington Post and The New York Times — supposedly the “papers of record” in our country — covered the image as a “doctored” and “altered” photo, playing up the fact that the image had been created by cropping Vietnam veteran James McCloughan out of his Medal of Honor award ceremony photos.

Of course, McCloughan happens to have taken no offense to the image, by The Post’s own account.

But that did not stop establishment media figures from continuing to carry on as though the photo had not simply been a fun little celebration of man’s best friend.

CNN anchor Jim Acosta and others even went so far as to “fact check” the image on Twitter — if you even want to call it that.

“A [White House] official said ‘the dog is not at the [White House],” Acosta wrote.

“I’ve requested details from the @WhiteHouse on this photo,” former Associated Press reporter Steve Herman wrote. “There was no such canine event on today’s @POTUS schedule but there is a Medal of Honor ceremony set here for later today for an active duty Green Beret.”

I mean, honestly, do these people truly have nothing better to do all day?

Because after all the nonsense surrounding this dog, I’m willing to wager that for every five left-wing establishment media personalities you show me who claim there is a parade they wouldn’t rain on to attack or mildly inconvenience the president — I can show you five liars.

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Andrew J. Sciascia was the supervising editor of features at The Western Journal. Having joined up as a regular contributor of opinion in 2018, he went on to cover the Barrett confirmation and 2020 presidential election for the outlet, regularly co-hosting its video podcast, "WJ Live," as well.
Andrew J. Sciascia was the supervising editor of features at The Western Journal and regularly co-hosted the outlet's video podcast, "WJ Live."

Sciascia first joined up with The Western Journal as a regular contributor of opinion in 2018, before graduating with a degree in criminal justice and political science from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, where he served as editor-in-chief of the student newspaper and worked briefly as a political operative with the Massachusetts Republican Party.

He covered the Barrett confirmation and 2020 presidential election for The Western Journal. His work has also appeared in The Daily Caller.