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Coast Guard Rescues Exhausted Dog Found Swimming in Pamlico Sound: 'An Amazing Doggie Swimmer'


With summer around the corner, many people are finding ways to enjoy the outdoors by visiting oceans and lakes.

There are plenty of families who bring their dogs along, too, and plenty of dogs who love the water even more than their humans do.

One dog named Myla might love the water a little less than she used to, though, after a close call on May 14.

While out with her people on a boat in the Pamlico Sound off of North Carolina, the dog, described as a Labrador retriever -pointer mix, fell overboard.

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Her owners notified authorities, but were unable to retrieve her themselves. Thankfully, a U.S. Coast Guard team was out on the water nearby, conducting other business, and spotted the tired pup.

“While conducting Law Enforcement missions aboard CG24508, a call came over Channel 16 about a vessel that had lost their dog Myla overboard in Pamlico Sound,” the U.S. Coast Guard Station Hatteras Inlet posted on Facebook.

“Shortly after, look outs on CG24508 spotted movement on the calm waters and upon closer inspection saw a dog swimming towards the boat.”

Myla must have spotted the crew and known they would help. According to a comment on the USCG’s post, she’d been swimming for around half an hour and had covered a mile by the time they picked her up.

“The crew made way towards the distressed dog and hauled Myla on board,” the post continued. “After a quick inspection to ensure no injuries, the exhausted pup was given VIP treatment by the crew and was eventually reunited with its owners.

“We want to congratulate Myla on being a good girl and an amazing doggie swimmer!”

Many people commented to thank the heroes of the day and to chasten the owners for their seeming lack of care.

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A few stood up for the owners, saying that all the details aren’t known and it’s unfair to judge the situation without knowing exactly what happened.

Many also wrote to suggest that even, though the pup proved her athleticism, a dog life jacket would be a good idea next time they set out. Not only would it keep the dog afloat, it would also enable people to spot her more easily.

No matter what the reality behind the scenario, the Coast Guard crew certainly stepped up and saved the pup and are rightly being hailed heroes.

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