Desert Storm Col. Absolutely Owns Gun-Grabber Piers Morgan in Front of Whole World


What is the true purpose of the Second Amendment: Is it for deer hunting, going “plinking” at the range, or something much more important?

The Founding Fathers believed that civilian gun ownership was a vital defense against encroaching tyranny, whether it came from home or abroad.

Contrary to the dismissive liberal view on firearms, the Founders explained over and over that individuals could only remain truly free if they had the means to overthrow oppressors if needed — and that, yes, keeping meddling bureaucrats just a bit nervous was a good thing.

That’s literally a foreign concept to Piers Morgan, the British journalist who has made lecturing Americans about the Second Amendment his latest crusade.

Even though he isn’t a U.S. citizen and his own country is dealing with a rising wave of violent crime, Piers has apparently decided that disarming American citizens is his top priority.

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In a series of tweets, the journalist put his decidedly un-American views on full display.

“If you need an AR-15 to hunt animals, you’re such a bad shot you shouldn’t be allowed a gun in the first place,” he posted on Monday.

“I think ALL semi-automatic guns should be banned, just as automatic guns are banned,” he declared the same day.

Do you believe the Second Amendment is about resisting tyranny?

“Have you studied the history of 2A? Try reading up on it. It was never intended to mean an individual’s right to bear arms,” he scolded.

That’s when retired Army Colonel Kurt Schlichter had enough of being lectured by a foppish Brit — oh, the irony — on American freedoms. He blasted Morgan on the major difference between the arrogant journalist and U.S. citizens.

“Every day, I wake up a free American citizen,” the former U.S. Army officer and Gulf War veteran explained.

“Every day, (Piers Morgan) wakes up a subject who knows he can be put in prison if he says something his masters in the government disapprove of,” Schlichter continued. “Except for those days that Piers wakes up in America.”

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That may seem like an exaggeration of how bad things have become in the United Kingdom, but it’s disturbingly close to the truth.

Journalists including Pamela Geller and Lauren Southern have already been detained by police in that country for simply having unapproved political opinions.

Or how about this mother, who according to Breitbart News was threatened with arrest in the U.K. for having traditional views on gender and not endorsing transsexual surgery for underage teenagers.

Other Brits have also been arrested for their opinions on topics like Muslim immigration. Even a decade ago, British outlets like The Telegraph admitted that Europe was headed for a disturbing level of “thought crime” enforcement, all for expressing unapproved opinions.

Meanwhile, British citizens are arrested as murderers if they dare defend their own homes against armed intruders. It is absolute insanity.

Even well-known musician Morrissey, himself a British citizen, was forced to speak out about the alarming trend that is happening in England.

“This is symptomatic of a modern, shredded British society, where free speech no longer exists,” he recently stated, after he was attacked by the British media for daring to fly the U.K. flag.

“Even though England introduced the world to democracy, great art and great literature, it is now leading the way with a dark and largely hidden agenda where no one is entitled to disagree; only one interest and opinion must prevail within the print media,” he continued, according to The Federalist.

Those incidents may not be precisely police states, but they are signs of a British society that is moving steadily closer to Orwell’s 1984. The simple fact is that true freedom of speech is rapidly disappearing in England, and other freedoms are not far behind.

That was Colonel Kurt Schlichter’s point. The Second Amendment was never about hunting, although that certainly has its place.

No, it is about something much more important: Providing a final safeguard against the liberty-hating tyrants of the world, the elitists who wish to stomp on the common man in every civilization that existed since the dawn of time.

“No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms,” Thomas Jefferson declared in his first draft of the Virginia constitution.

“What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance,” he also wrote in a letter to James Madison. “Let them take arms!”

How fitting: Piers Morgan is a modern Redcoat, chastising the pesky Colonists to just turn in their arms for their own good. “Just give us power and bow to the king. You can’t be trusted to govern yourselves.”

He’ll never admit it, but Piers is the very kind of smug elitist that Jefferson and Madison warned Americans about — and the fact that he wants our citizens disarmed is an extremely good reason to never do so.

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