'Come On Guys, He's Right There!' Suspect Hides Right Next to Cops After Live Police Chase


One Los Angeles man managed to pull off a disappearing act on the police after a car chase with the authorities.

At least, until the cops realized that the wanted car theft suspect was hiding right next to them.

The bizarre escapade was captured on camera last month by a KTTV helicopter.

After crashing a vehicle the authorities suspected was stolen during a chase, the suspect hid between a fence and a blue vehicle.

The suspect had previously collided with three different civilian vehicles in an attempt to evade arrest, as captured on KTTV live coverage.

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KTTV’s Stu Mundel, reporting on the police chase from the aircraft, was able to plainly see the hiding suspect as cops searched the area for the wanted man.

“Come on guys, he’s right there!” Mundel exhorted the police, who were temporarily unable to find or locate the man.

The journalist indicated that the helicopter’s pilot was trying to communicate with police as they searched for the suspect, hoping to inform them that the man was hiding right next to them.

Was it a good hiding spot?

Two cops walk in between the blue car and the fence, still unable to see the hiding suspect. Eventually, one of the police officers wises up to the situation. Four cops finally apprehend the suspect, encircling the prone man with guns drawn.

Full video of the previous police chase shows the suspect driving dangerously, at one point slamming into a car driving at a high speed.

The extended footage shows the suspect bailing from his vehicle after a third crash, running into a South Los Angeles alley and taking up his hiding spot.

The suspect’s identity wasn’t immediately available after the arrest. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear the dangerous car chase caused any serious injuries.

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