Here Are the Companies Boycotting Laura Ingraham, Let's Boycott Them Right Back


The left’s “tolerance” is on display once again.

Outspoken student activist David Hogg has unleashed his followers against conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham, and is essentially threatening her livelihood because she spoke her mind on Twitter.

Ingraham is facing a loss of advertisers on her program after the 17-year-old Hogg called on supporters to boycott her. The reason? She shared an article that accurately reported the teen activist’s problems being accepted into major universities.

“David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it,” Laura Ingraham posted on Wednesday. She linked to an article that was not even written by her, but was penned by Daily Wire contributor Joseph Curl.

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“David Hogg, a self-appointed spokesman for a generation, revealed on Tuesday that four universities he has applied to have rejected his application,” the Daily Wire article shared by Ingraham explained.

Hogg himself confirmed that he was having trouble getting into the colleges he wanted, and took his signature smug and arrogant tone while explaining the problem.

“It’s been kind of annoying having to deal with that and everything else that’s been going on but at this point, you know, we’re changing the world,” he declared on video to TMZ. So humble.

Do you think Ingraham needed to apologize for this tweet?

“We’re too busy. Right now it’s hard to focus on that,” he continued.

Considering that Laura Ingraham’s tweet was factual if not particularly gracious, it’s tough to see exactly what the problem is. Apparently criticizing Hogg in any way is now verboten, because the anti-Second Amendment activist quickly seized the issue and sanctimoniously turned it against the conservative host.

“I’m so sorry to everyone that @IngrahamAngle has ever tried to hurt we are here for you and we love you,” Hogg tweeted in response.

Remember, this is the same “oh so loving” David Hogg who called law-abiding NRA members “pathetic f—ers that want to keep killing our children.”

“It just makes me think what sick f—ers out there want to continue to sell more guns, murder more children,” Hogg ranted about anyone who supported the NRA, which promotes lawful and responsible gun ownership.

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“They could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action,” Hogg went on, according to The Daily Wire. How charming.

Smear everyday Americans as blood-covered murderers? That’s fine. Jab at an arrogant activist who can’t get into colleges because he’s so busy lecturing the entire country? That’s too far and we will end you.

Several advertisers sided with the now-famous teen activist, and announced that they would be pulling their sponsorship of “The Ingraham Angle.”

According to Time Magazine, as of Friday afternoon, these companies are: Atlantis Bahamas, Expedia, Hulu, Jenny Craig, Johnson & Johnson, Liberty Mutual, Nestle, Nutrish, Stitch Fix, TripAdvisor, and Wayfair.

Several of the advertisers commented that they were pulling their ads because Ingraham dared to criticize a teenager … even though Hogg is months away from being 18 and has without a doubt portrayed himself as an adult voice on policy issues, using adult language including the F-word to attack gun owners and the NRA.

Welcome to leftist hypocrisy: We must change America’s laws because wise, knowledgeable activists like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez said so — but they’re also too young and immature to criticize or question, so don’t you dare!

The two-facedness doesn’t stop there. Despite all the liberal talk of “tolerance” and “when they go low, we go high,” Hogg flatly rejected an apology from Laura Ingraham on Thursday.

“Pressed on whether he’d accept her apology, he replied, ‘No,'” reported Politico.

Ingraham didn’t need to apologize in the first place, but simply posted something that was true while adding a few words of opinion-based commentary. That’s literally her job — and after millions of American gun owners were insulted as murderers by the camera-loving Hogg, he put himself within bounds for criticism.

The quick-fleeing advertisers who have decided to bail on Ingraham are certainly within their rights to do so — it’s still a free country, while it lasts.

But that street can go two ways, and if you are fed up with the hysterical antics of the anti-Second Amendment left, it may be worth letting those companies know that conservatives know how to boycott, too.

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