Cop Learns Kids Haven't Eaten Since Yesterday, Buys Them Chick-fil-A with Own Money


It’s easy to get discouraged these days, whether you’re experiencing difficult times yourself or listening to the news and hearing about a lot of negativity in the world.

Despite all the darkness, there are people out there still who do good things, and it’s nice to be reminded of them occasionally to keep our faith in humanity alive.

This is one of those stories. It’s simple, it’s sweet, and it’s genuine.

Officer Harkey, who works with the Charlotte-Meckenburg Police Department, recently had an opportunity to show he cared for the abandoned and the hungry.

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A mother nearby was experiencing serious problems and had to be taken away to be evaluated. That left her two children at home alone.

Both kids were too young to fend for themselves, not even 10 yet, and they found themselves alone and scared when their mom was rushed off.

But Harkey wasn’t about the let them go. He knew that they’d be safest in a home for children, and he was planning to take them there, but he wanted to take care of their immediate needs first.

The CMPD posted about the event later, and publicized this officer’s good deeds.

“Officer Harkey took the children to ‘The Relatives,’ a temporary group home for children, so they could be at a safe place for the time being,” they wrote. “While driving them there, he asked them when they ate last.”

“The kids told him it was the day prior and they were very hungry. Officer Harkey knew he couldn’t take them to the home until he got them something to eat.”

“He stopped at a Chick-Fil-A and with his own money, bought them each a meal.”

What could two Chick-fil-A meals cost? Under $20, most likely. 

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It was his own hard-earned money he used to pay for their food, but the simple act of kindness met a desperate need. 

The police department had one last thing to share about the encounter, and it makes all the difference.

“The only reason we found out about this act of generosity was that, per policy, Officer Harkey had to inform dispatch that he was making a quick stop while taking the children,” they wrote. “A co-worker asked why he stopped and Harkey [told] him the whole story.”

It was just part of his routine, or at least wasn’t something he wanted to broadcast. It can be difficult to trust that some people who do good deeds and then plaster them all over social media are actually doing them for selfless reasons.

But there’s no doubt here. Let us all be like Officer Harkey: easing the world’s wounds one quiet, generous act of kindness at a time.

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