Cop Takes Elderly Man to ER After 84-Year-Old Calls Desperate To See Ailing Wife


Many people who have the blessings of health and local friends don’t realize how much of an advantage they have. It’s status quo for them, and they often take their freedom and mobility for granted.

But not everyone is as fortunate. If you don’t own a car, or you’re not able to get around on your own and you don’t have any nearby friends to shuttle you from place to place, you’re limited in how far you can travel.

That limitation becomes even more dangerous and distressing when you are in the middle of an emergency.

For one gentleman, the problem he faced stemmed from not having any means to get to the hospital on his own. He himself was okay, but his wife had been rushed to the hospital hours ago.

The ambulance was able to carry her to the emergency room, but the distraught husband was left behind. He had no way to get to his wife’s side to be there for her.

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This elderly man lived in Montoursville, Pennsylvania, and with no close relatives to turn to, he dialed up the one organization he could think of.

He called the cops. And it was an emergency — just not the sort that police department was used to.

Fortunately for the 84-year-old man, Police Chief Jeff Gyurina found out about the problem and told him to call once he was ready to go visit his wife.

The unnamed man’s 84-year-old wife was being held at UPMC Susquehanna, too far for him to walk.

Within a few hours of initially contacting the police, he called the number he’d been given and said he was ready to leave.

Deputy Chief Bentley responded to the call and escorted the husband to the hospital. Once there, hospital staff took the aging man in a wheelchair to his wife’s room.

Plenty of people abuse 911 calls in the name of pranks or over issues that are not serious, life-threatening, or even mildly concerning, and cops are no doubt tired of these interruptions.

But this was a case where an elderly citizen really did need help, and help was granted.

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“it’s a small town so you try to help out when you can,” said Bentley.

In a time where there is so much tension and strife, these are the kinds of examples we need to keep us invested in humankind.

If you know of aging relatives or friends, or have elderly neighbors, make sure they have people they can lean on in desperate times. A check-in or a kind word or note now and then is all it takes to make a world of difference.

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