Cops Stumble Upon Young Family's Campsite, Look Down at Kids' Clothes and Make Realization

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In today’s society, police officers not only have to fight against crime and injustice in our neighborhoods, but they also have to fight against an often negative image.

That negative image was the first thing that went through Shannon Loveless’ mind when police officers discovered her and her three children camping behind a local Walmart.

She was cooking lunch when two Sacramento deputies found them on a chilly December afternoon. Her own past experiences mixed with recent news stories had convinced her that she was going to get in trouble.

But when officers Tim Yee and Johnny Le noticed the children’s dirty clothes and how hungry they were, they knew they needed to help.

Le later called that day “a miracle.”

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Loveless and her children had been living out of their van, camping behind the Walmart, and getting food from local food banks for four months.

When thinking about the scene they saw when they walked up, Le said, “I kind of choked up a little bit, to see the kids dirty and hungry, it touched me‬.”

So he and Yee immediately went into Walmart and bought trash bags full of food, toys, and clothes.

Not only were the officers able to fulfill their immediate needs, but they were also able to get the family into a motel that night.

Yee said, “There is a softer side of us, they see the flashing red and blue lights, they look at us bad, we are there to help them and their situation.”

Loveless is extremely grateful for generosity that the two deputies showed her and her family.

“Just for [the kids] to be able to have a warm place to sleep and watch cartoons, you know things that kids do, you take it for granted, but it’s been awesome,” she said through tears.

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The same woman who said that her life seemed like there was “no light at the end of the tunnel” has newfound hope thanks to these deputies’ selfless act.

She told CBS News, “It’s a total game changer; the motivation is there, the morale is there, I’m ready, let’s get this year right!”

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