Couple Smashes Eggs on Forehead to Reveal Baby Gender. But Friend Gets Last Laugh


Jimmy Fallon’s Egg Russian Roulette segment is gaining popularity as a way for couples to reveal the gender of their baby.

When Nakita Sanders found out she was expecting, she decided it sounded like a fun idea.

The game is set up with 12 eggs — six painted blue and six painted pink. Eleven of the eggs are hard-boiled, and the last one is raw.

The couple takes turns slamming the eggs on their head until one of them hits the raw egg.

Whichever color the raw egg turns out to be is the gender of their baby.

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Sanders and her boyfriend had already had two miscarriages in the last six months, so this reveal held a special significance for them.

Ashley Shipman, Sanders’ friend, has a special twist-ending for them, though.

In the video, the two go back and forth smashing hard-boiled eggs on their head. After a few attempts, a visible red mark starts to form on Sanders’ forehead.

Finally, with only a few eggs remaining, Sanders’ boyfriend picked a pink egg and smashed it on his forehead.

The egg exploded, indicating that the two were going to have a girl.

Before they can even react, Sanders gestured to Shipman, who is sitting off-camera. She was holding a sign that made Sanders gasp and scream.

“Is it really? It’s a boy?” Sanders shouted as she moved to hug her boyfriend — still disoriented from the egg remnants covering his face.

“Just kidding, it’s a boy,” the sign said. Sanders wiped the egg off of her boyfriend’s face and brought him in for a kiss.

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The two had a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

Sanders’ boyfriend might need to go under the concussion tent though — he looked a little delirious after all those blows to the head.

We wish the best for this couple and their new baby. Their gender reveal video certainly put a smile on all of our faces!

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