Court Docs Say Epstein Got 3 Pre-Teens as Birthday Present, Molested Them, Sent Them Back Next Day


According to court documents, deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein was once given three 12-year-old girls as a “birthday present.”

Court papers say Virginia Guiffre, who claims to have been a 15-year-old sex slave for Epstein, alleges the girls from impoverished French families were flown in, sexually abused by Epstein, and sent back home the following day, according to the Daily Mail.

According to Guiffre, the girls came courtesy of Jean-Luc Brunel, a famed wheeler and dealer in modeling circles. Brunel’s name has come up repeatedly in reports about Epstein’s downfall.

According to the New York Post, Guiffre said, “The worst one that I heard from his own mouth was this pretty 12-year-old girls he had flown in for his birthday … It was a surprise birthday gift from one of his friends and they were from France. I did see them, I did meet them.”

Nearly as morally damning as the molestation itself is the testimony that Epstein “bragged” that he had chosen the girls because their parents needed money, which made them easily exploitable.

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Guiffre also claimed that Epstein “went on to tell me how Brunel bought them in Paris from their parents, offering them the usual sums of money, visas, and modeling career prospects … Laughing the whole way through, Jeffrey thought it was absolutely brilliant how easily money seduced all walks of life, nothing or no one that couldn’t be bought.”

Guiffre’s allegations came by way of 2015 court papers.

This is a breaking story and as such is subject to update and revision as new facts become available. 

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