Creator of Politifact Publishes Planned Parenthood Fake News


The publisher of Politifact reportedly put out a false story claiming Planned Parenthood saw a surge in patients following the passage of Obamacare, when the opposite was true.

According to the pro-life Radiance Foundation, the Tampa Bay Times — the founder and publisher of Politifact — featured an article in December titled “Driven by demand, Planned Parenthood opens second clinic in Tampa.”

“Like many other health care providers, Planned Parenthood experienced a surge in patients after passage of the Affordable Care Act, though the organization is known for low rates for services to those with or without access to insurance,” the piece claimed.

This assertion is patently false, says Radiance, citing statistics from Planned Parenthood’s own annual reports.

Prior to the passage of Obamacare in 2010, the organization reported serving 3 million patients per year.

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In FY2011 and 2012, Planned Parenthood claimed similar numbers, but in FY2013, the number of patients dropped to 2.4 million.

The latest annual 2016-2017 report showed 2.4 million patients being seen as well.

“There was no surge; there was a purge. But that would be too factual for a pro-abortion news source,” Radiance contended.

The foundation also hit the Tampa Bay Times for claiming the new facility, located in North Tampa Bay, was needed because the region has high teen pregnancy and sexual disease rates and “poor access to abortion providers.”

Do you think Politifact has a liberal agenda?

A Google Maps search shows at least eight abortion clinics in the Tampa area, including three in close proximity to Planned Parenthood’s North Tampa facility.

Radiance’s Ryan Bomberger, in a piece for Life Site, took Politifact itself to task for rating a Texas congressional candidate’s assertion that abortion is the number one killer of African Americans as “mostly false.”

According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute (co-founded by former Planned Parenthood president), the total number of abortions in the United States in 2014 was 926,200.

Of these, 28 percent of those who underwent the procedure were African-American, which means 259,336 unborn black babies killed.

The Centers for Disease Control reported for that same year the top 15 leading causes of death among blacks yielded a combined total of 246,122.

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In other words, there were approximately 13,000 more African-Americans killed by abortion than by the top killers outside the womb, including heart disease, cancer, accidental deaths, drug induced deaths and homicides, among other causes.

Bomberger concludes, “Politifact (aka Politifiction) simply operates with the same DNA as its creator (Tampa Bay Times) … The Radiance Foundation gives (the) “fact-check” (about African Americans abortion) a Mostly Political rating, which for the rest of us means Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.”

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