Takei Tries Posting an “Evil” Gun… Facebook Users Point out the Obvious

Ultra-liberal actor George Takei — “Mr. Sulu” of the original “Star Trek” — attempted to make a salient point about the supposed evils of guns this week, but only embarrassed himself with his ignorance of the topic.

The actor posted an image of a semi-automatic rifle on Facebook with the statement, “It is simply unfathomable to me why any civilian would need a weapon of this caliber.”

The image just so happened to include a link to a story that explained how the gun was the last tweet the NRA shared before the Las Vegas shooting. Of course, the story demonized gun owners and the NRA. It also spread misinformation about the rifle in question.

But the post, along with the article, only revealed just how uninformed Takei and his fellow anti-gun liberals really are about firearms.

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The gun in Takei’s post is an 7.62 semi-automatic rifle — and these rifles are legal in most states.

Facebook commenters pointed out that the gun in Takei’s post was not as evil as he suggested and that the model is used by many hunters in our country.

They also pointed out how the actor didn’t really know what he was talking about.

Some took a moment to explain a few things:

The mainstream media and gun-hating leftists like Takei often confuse these kinds of weapons with “automatic” weapons, or machine guns, just because they sound alike. But the difference between these weapons is critical. “Semi-automatic” weapons shoot only one round with every pull of the trigger. Automatic rifles can fire multiple rounds with a single pull of the trigger — machine guns, in other words.

Automatic weapons are also extremely difficult to obtain.

In fact, fully automatic weapons have not been available for private purchase since 1986 when the Firearms Owners Protection Act was established, making it “unlawful, with certain exceptions, for any individual to transfer or possess a machinegun.”

Of course, Takei probably knows nothing of this, and likely doesn’t care to learn. To liberals of a certain type, all guns are evil, and facts are irrelevant if they do not promote the anti-gun agenda.

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