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Curious Puppy Freed from 30-Pound Concrete Cinder Block with Jaws of Life


The saying might be “curiosity killed the cat,” but why is it that our canine friends always seem to be the ones sniffing themselves into all sorts of trouble?

For dog lovers everywhere, this is reminder to make sure your homes and yards are free of objects that an unsuspecting puppy could get trapped in. A Hastings, Florida, resident knows this all too well after their puppy “Fifi” got into a bit of a tight spot recently.

Fifi, a 6 month-old Rottweiler puppy, was exploring around her home while her owner was away. Somehow, the adventurous pup managed to get her head stuck inside a cinder block that was on the property.

Fifi’s owner had been at work when the dog first got trapped. She was not discovered until they got home, when she was found with her head wedged firmly inside one of the holes of a 30 pound concrete block.

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According to St. Johns County Fire & Rescue, the owner attempted to free Fifi’s head on her own, but was unable to do so.

“Fifi was apparently sniffing around her residence and became stuck in a cinder block,” SJCFR wrote. “The 6-month-old puppy managed to wedge her head inside one of the holes in the block.”

With Fifi still trapped, her owner decided to call the St. Johns County Communications Center for help.

Deputies from the St. Johns Sheriff’s Office were then dispatched to try and rescue the furry victim.

Despite their best attempts with soap and water, the deputies were also unable to free Fifi from her concrete predicament.

There was still hope, however, as firefighters from St. Johns County Fire Station 8 arrived on the scene to try and free the helpless puppy.

The firefighters decided to take a different approach to Fifi’s rescue, using a more extreme and possibly dangerous idea.

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Using the Jaws of Life, the rescuers attempted to break the cinder block and free the puppy. Jaws of Life are capable of exerting several thousand pounds of hydraulic force, and are typically used to free people from wreckage.

Thankfully, the fire and rescue team was able to break the cinder block, freeing Fifi.

St. Johns County Fire & Rescue posted about the incident on Facebook, reporting that Fifi was “uninjured and is excited to be sniffing around again.”

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