Dad Blogs About Hilarious Moment Diarrhea Strikes on Road Trip With Age 4 Daughter


“We stopped at a gas station in nowhere Oregon, two hours into a 12-hour road trip to a family funeral, when the diarrhea struck.”

That is how Clint Edwards started his post detailing the hilarious moment he and his 4-year-old daughter were able to share.

His post about the same child throwing a tantrum in the middle of family dinner also went viral.

Edwards documents teachable (and sometimes hilarious, but relatable) moments as a dad. He shares them on his blog, “No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog.”

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He told Liftable that his biggest hope for his children would be that they “grow up to be good people.” He elaborated, “I want them to love their families and the ones they are with, and I want them to love their communities.”

This most recent viral post is definitely more of a hilarious, but relatable moment.

While on a 12-hour road trip, Edwards and his family decided to make an innocent stop to get gas and some road trip snacks.

Then, it happened.

“I’m not sure what happened exactly, if I’d eaten something wrong, or if it was the stress of traveling with kids,” he continued. Nature called and Edwards needed to respond … quickly.

He scooped up his doe-eyed toddler and hustled to the convenience store’s restroom. They made it just in time.

“I had no choice but to take my 4yo into the stall with me,” he wrote. “Aspen watched as I struggled, Moana light-up crocs on the wrong feet, blue eyes wide and supportive, hands clapping. ‘Good job, Daddy! Good job! You make two poops! Now three poops! I’m four!'”

As Edwards continued his um, business, Aspen provided him with all of the attention and support that she could.

He referred to her as “the Richard Simmons of pooping.”

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“I’ve never felt so supported in anything in my whole life. She commented on the size, smell, and sound,” he wrote. “She commented on my work ethic. ‘You’re trying so hard!’ At one point I had to actually push her face away from the business end of things as she clapped and cried ‘You’re doing it, Daddy! You’re doing it!'”

Edwards thinks that in her four-year-old mind, that she just assumed that other people encouraged and celebrated other people’s bathroom habits, much like her parents do for her.

He wrote, “When I’m cheering her on in our family restroom, it seems normal, even appropriate. But when the roles are reversed, it’s just, well, awkward.”

“Particularly in a public restroom where the man in the stall next to me was obviously holding back tears of laughter. Laughter that busted loose when she called me a ‘pooping-farting robot.'”

As soon as everything had passed, Edwards bought a travel pack of anti-diarrhea pills and headed back toward the van. His wife asked what took so long, but he decided that he would spare her of the gory details.

Good thing Aspen didn’t feel the same way. She proudly recounted the entire series of events to her mom so that she could be proud of Edward, too.

“Mel patted my leg, ‘Nice work, Daddy.’ All I could do was say, ‘Thank you.'”

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