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Dad Films Daughters Reciting Pledge in Front Yard Before Going Back Inside for 'School'


If you’re a parent of a school-age child, suddenly being in charge of your child’s education for the foreseeable future can be a bit daunting (unless, of course, you’ve been homeschooling already or are a teacher yourself).

Many parents feel unprepared to handle the reality of wrangling and educating one or more kids during isolation, and it’s certainly trying for the kids to upend their schedules and be restricted to a limited environment without succumbing to the electric glow of their handheld devices.

The school system — as we know it — is a relatively recent construct, but one we’ve come to take for granted. The next few weeks will be very interesting as we begin to see the effects of an increase in family time and individualized learning.

Many are finding comfort in holding to as many familiar routines as possible, and that’s been the case in at least one major way for the Paukovitch family from Pennsylvania.

Jeff Paukovitch, who is a teacher according to his Facebook and Twitter profiles, recently shared a video that has encouraged many viewers.

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The video opens to two young girls — his daughters — standing outside the family home, facing an American flag.

No pajamas and late starts here — these two are dressed, have donned their backpacks (which are almost as big as they are), and are ready to start their day by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance while the family dog wanders nearby.

After the girls successfully recite the pledge in its entirety, dad ushers them inside.

“All right,” he says in the video. “Come into the school.”

Paukovitch tweeted the video on March 18, and it’s been picked up by various news outlets since.

“My girls woke up, got ready for ‘school’, went outside, and began with The Pledge of Allegiance,” he captioned the video. “Love these girls!”

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“So proud of the way our granddaughters and their family are utilizing their time,” a woman identifying herself as the girls’ grandma commented on the original tweet.

If you’re stuck at home with the kiddos, you can take a page from this teacher’s book: Get ready for each day the way you normally would, and it will help you find some structure amidst the chaos.

You don’t have to be a certified teacher to help your kids develop into well-adjusted members of society. While there are plenty of online resources to keep your kids in top academic shape, this is also a great time to help them develop life skills or even work on developing a new skill set together.

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