Dad of Murdered 6-Year-Old Flays 'Out of Touch' San Francisco DA as One Suspect Is Guaranteed to Get Less Than a Decade


The disconsolate father of a 6-year-old boy killed in San Francisco says the Democrat-run city’s progressive prosecutor has made a mockery of his son’s senseless murder.

“We’re doomed as a city, especially with a district attorney like Chesa Boudin,” Jason Young told Fox News on Wednesday.

Young’s son, Jace, was shot and killed by Deshaune Lumpkin and three associates while playing outside on July 4, 2020, in Bayview, a predominantly minority neighborhood of San Francisco.

“Jace was outside playing with fireworks around 10:30 p.m. when a group … fired from across the street,” his dad said.

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Investigators quickly identified two of the four suspected gunmen: 18-year-old James Harbor and Lumpkin, who was then 17.

On Monday, Lumpkin was found guilty of murder, but he faces a maximum sentence of just eight years in jail because he was a juvenile when he committed the crime.

Harbor was charged with murder in January but has yet to stand trial.

Jason Young is disgusted that Lumpkin’s maximum prison term is so short because Boudin, like many other Democratic leaders, is soft on crime.

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“The police are doing their due diligence to try to solve these crimes and hold people accountable for these crimes,” Young told Fox News. “The district attorney’s office is not willing to prosecute and hold these criminals accountable.”

“Because of the politics and the policies of the district attorney, there’s no accountability,” he said, calling Boudin “dismissive” and “out of touch.”

Young is appalled that his son’s killer will likely be released early because the prosecutor prioritizes criminals over victims.

“Let’s talk about the fact that the guilty verdict is only going to do maybe five years,” Young said. “My son barely lived that long.”

Ironically, Young said he had voted for Boudin in 2019 because, at the time, he supported the Democrat’s lenient approach to law enforcement.

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“I agreed with some of the policies that he was putting in place,” Young said.

Now, the grieving dad said he believes the district attorney “should get recalled.”

Boudin is facing a recall election in June 2022 amid terrifying crime waves that have gripped San Francisco in the wake of his destructive left-wing policies.

From coast to coast, violent thugs are winning the war on crime in Democrat-run cities because the left’s “defund the police” frenzy — sparked by the anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement — has emboldened criminals.

Compounding the crisis is the army of George Soros-funded district attorneys in liberal cities who refuse to prosecute murderers, rapists and thieves.

“We’re doomed as a city, especially with a district attorney like Chesa Boudin,” Young told Fox News. “To be a victim of a crime in San Francisco, under this district attorney? It’s a complete joke.”

He added: “To be where we are today and to be dismissed the way we’ve been dismissed by this district attorney, it just makes me sick.”

The farcical tragedy of this wave of preventable murders is that it started with the left’s championing of “defund the police” hysteria amid cries that policing is racist against black Americans.

Ironically, all it has done — in addition to stoking race wars — is to further endanger black people by making minority neighborhoods less safe.

Now that the brazen crime waves have metastasized into the suburbs where limousine liberals live, Democrats have finally seen the light.

Unfortunately, this a-ha moment came too little, too late, and has left a bloody trail of dead bodies in its path.

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