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Dad Shares 10-Year-Old Daughter's Extravagant 26-Item Christmas List: 'Out of Her Mind'


Christmas wish lists are a staple in many families who have the luxury of being able to buy a range of gifts during the holidays.

There always seems to be a mix of this and that, some requests more realistic than others.

When you’re a child, your ideas of what presents are possible are a bit more generous than your parents’ bank accounts can generally handle.

Sometimes a child will add something like a pony or a sports car or some sort of wonderful thing that is wildly out of reach.

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Then there are kids like this one. Her name is Drew, according to TIME, and she is very clear about what she wants for Christmas.

Either she has no idea what these kinds of gifts cost, or she has faith that her family is capable of pulling off the extensive list.

Her dad, Andrew Johnson, shared her neatly handwritten list on Twitter, where it took off.

“My 10 year old daughter must be out of her mind with this Christmas list,” he shared.

Starting the list off strong is the iPhone 11. Next, air pods. You’d think at that point she’d provide her reader a bit of a breather, but she’s just getting started.

She makes sure to specify that the MacBook Air she wants is a “New” one — not someone’s hand-me-down or outgrown possession.

More name brands make the list, including Puma, “Guci,” Chanel and Hydroflask. And she’d really appreciate a real, live pet rabbit — and lists “bunny clothes” as well.

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Sprinkled throughout are some startlingly everyday items: makeup, clothes, earrings, an alarm clock and … “landry diturgent.” As one commenter pointed out, you have to have detergent if you want to wash the bunny’s clothes.

The audacity mounts with entry #21, which is $4,000. Why would a 10-year-old need that much cash?

“No idea what the $4,000 is for,” her dad told TIME. “Maybe she has an entirely separate list that she’s planning to buy.”

While her dad reassured readers that she “will get some or more of the more reasonable things,” there are a few that even Santa probably won’t be able to handle.

The list has been retweeted over 26,000 times and has given people quite a laugh. It even made it before the eyes of some important people, and it looks like some outside help might be coming to the rescue.

“Dicks and Hydro Flask have offered to send her an item off of the list,” her dad told TIME.

Until then, Drew can dream of what presents will make it under the tree by Christmas morning.

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