Delusional Leftists Think "Black Panther" Is a Documentary


The left seems obsessed with using fantasy to justify their positions… and that trend may have just reached a new low.

First, they indulged in an alternate reality where Hillary Clinton was president of a duplicate earth. Now liberals are doing the same thing on a larger scale, and using the upcoming “Black Panther” movie as a make-believe example of what Africa would look like if it wasn’t for those pesky white people.

In a breathless piece published by Mic, tech writer Xavier Harding exalted the African country of Wakanda and held it up as a model of black accomplishment.

There’s just one problem: Wakanda is, well, fictional. It was invented for the Black Panther story, but that didn’t stop Harding from raving about how great it would be if a real black nation existed that never had any contact with the outside world.

“Wakanda is more than just a fun spectacle; it represents something much more magnificent and powerful — a version of Africa unaffected by the external world, one that was allowed to pursue its own march toward spectacular progress,” he wrote.

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The future, according to Harding, can be just as sophisticated and advanced as the Panther superhero movie if we just focus on one race.

“The secret sauce of Marvel’s Black Panther is Afrofuturism — an arts form that combines science fiction with black culture to create a future informed by blackness,” he declared.

Harding insisted that the “future informed by blackness” could be within reach if enough people are inspired by the… well, completely made-up version of Africa shown in the movie.

Black Panther doesn’t just show fictional Africa, it shows it well,” he continued. “The movie’s real importance is that [….] it offers an entire world to escape into.”

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“In Wakanda, we’ve moved past the problems of police shootings of black youth and the court verdicts they result in, or an administration that disregards the voices of many of its black citizens when they publicly protest,” he gushed.

Think about that for a moment. Doesn’t it say something about the real situation in Africa when the only way people can be enthusiastic about the entire continent is to make up a fantasy version?

In other words, people including Xavier Harding seem to be in complete denial about how far behind Africa is, as shown by their obsession with creating fictional versions of it just to have an escape.

Let’s be clear: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being excited about a black superhero or black-centric fiction overall. There is a problem, however, when the fantasy version is used to mask the reality, and disguise the inconvenient truth about Africa in real life.

It’s even more troublesome when Harding seems to openly fantasize about a black-only country where no other races exist.

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His specific words were an Africa “unaffected by the external world.” This is another way to say a continent where only Africans are allowed. Apparently xenophobia and racial nationalism are completely fine if the people doing it are black?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting Africa to move forward. A successful, stable, and advanced Africa would be a win-win for the entire world… so what exactly is the holdup?

What is stopping Xavier Harding or any other black person from leaving the United States to go to Africa and becoming part of the solution? If a real-life Wakanda is the vision, why not go there and work to make it happen?

The answer, if Harding and others of similar mindsets are honest, is that there already is a country that is technologically advanced and full of wonder. There’s a real-life nation where ambitious black men and women can become doctors, inventors, warriors, or even president.

If the left would stop bashing it for a few moments, maybe they could see the vast progress and opportunity happening in that place — for all races — instead of having to dream of made-up places that exist only on film. It’s called the United States of America.

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