Dem Asked to Lead Group in Pledge of Allegiance, What Happens Next Will Make Your Jaw Drop


A Florida Democrat who is being hailed as a trailblazer for others in her party after she was able to win a special election last month did not know the pledge of allegiance when she opened a Miami-Dade County Commission meeting on Thursday.

The moment is a black eye for a party that Sunshine State voters had already resoundingly rejected in the 2022 midterms.

Former reporter Sabina Covo eked out a win in a special election on Feb. 27 for an open commissioner seat in District 2.

She won by a plurality in a 13-candidate race. The rules stipulated the person with the most votes won, so no run-off was held.

Covo, a Democrat, will serve in her position for eight months until a regular election is held in November.

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Newly-elected Florida Democratic Party chair Nikki Fried, who voters passed over for Charlie Crist in the Democratic primary last year, celebrated Covo’s municipal win on Twitter.

Florida Politics reporter Jesse Scheckner noted, “Covo’s win marked the first Democratic victory in the Sunshine State under the new party leadership of Nikki Fried.”

Do you know the pledge of allegiance?

Fried’s post is indicative of how far her party, which currently holds no statewide seats, has fallen.

In a headache for Fried and other Democrats who have hopes of competing against a red-hot Republican Party, Covo did not know the country’s pledge of allegiance on Thursday.

“Commissioner Covo, could you lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance, please,” someone asked her before the meeting began.

After some inaudible dialogue, someone said, “You don’t know it? OK.”

Others intervened on her behalf and the meeting kicked off only after the pledge was recited by the entirety of the room.

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What a disgrace.

Nothing says “I am one of you” quite like not being able to recite the country’s pledge of allegiance, which is something children do daily with ease.

Democrats’ bad ideas and bad candidates have put them in a hole in Florida, where a red wave in November indicated the state is for now a reliable red firewall.

It remains to be seen how long it could take for the party to become competitive statewide.

Covo indicated they are not off to a hot start. Her jaw-dropping display of apathy, if not contempt for the country, is anything but rare.

The party’s rank-and-file candidates couldn’t care less about this country.

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