Dem Students Hurl Insults at Conservative Influencer: 'His Mom Should've Had a F***ing Abortion'


Intolerance was in the air this week as yet another free speech event put on by courageous collegiate conservatives has been met with radical left-wing hate and aggression.

According to KRCR-TV, a Thursday speaking engagement featuring right-wing influencers Brandon Straka and Blaire White at California State University, Chico prompted substantial protest from leftist students on the day before the event, which was hosted by the Chico College Republicans.

The anti-conservative display quickly gave way to explosive outbursts as KRCR reported “allegations of physical and verbal assaults” taking place on Wednesday.

And allegations of aggressive misconduct certainly are not hard to believe, considering video taken by the conservative influencers shows students surrounding, following and shouting verbal abuse at their opposition.

Seemingly first to fall victim to the abuse was Straka himself, who was interrupted by a particularly lively protester while attempting to shoot a video to advertise the event on social media.

“F— Donald Trump,” the student shouted, thrusting two middle fingers in Straka’s face.

“F— this little b—-,” he said of Straka, capping off a variety of vulgar sexual remarks by saying “his mom should’ve had a f—ing abortion.”

That was far from the worst of it, however.

One pack of students, somehow referring to themselves as “peaceful” protesters, were even caught on camera stalking the free-speech advocates, attempting to destroy property and threatening, “I’ll knock you the f— out, b—-.”

This was certainly an ironic response to Straka’s appearance on campus, considering that the influencer rose to right-wing stardom on account of his famed #WalkAway campaign designed to warn people of the dangers of leftist mob-mentality.

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A gay former liberal, Straka told The Western Journal in March that after spending years as a self-professed progressive, believing the media lie that conservatives are the hateful, close-minded ones, he was awakened in 2017 to the abundance of “fallacy with the liberal logic.”

After a “long journey of research,” Straka said, he walked away from a lifetime of voting Democrat, deciding the left had grown too illogical and ideologically intolerant for his liking.

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Now, Straka travels the country in an effort to encourage young people and minority communities to fight the left’s bully culture and act as free and open thinkers when it comes to their personal political beliefs.

“This is the modern left. We must destroy liberalism,” he wrote on Twitter on Friday, adding a video of some of the protests.

WARNING: The following videos contain graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.

Of course, the irony of such a message being met with unhinged leftist intolerance just about everywhere it happens to be preached is likely lost on the raging students that make up most every raving band of “progressive” college students.

In fact, they probably have no clue what irony means, preferring the intellectual vocabulary of their education — an education filled with terms like “cultural hegemony” and “postmodern deconstructionism” — but that’s beside the point.

The real point is that leftism seems to have shed the virtue of self-awareness in its evolutionary quest for radical social justice.

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The left’s ability to ceaselessly pontificate on the importance of tolerance, love and free thought while attacking their opponents who advocate for free thought is impressive.

It would be impressive, that is, if were it not so gravely concerning, so indicative of violent political-ideological sociopathy.

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