Video Emerges of Democratic Senate Candidate Kyrsten Sinema Calling Her Own State 'Crazy'


Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, the Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate in Arizona, referred to her home state as “crazy” while speaking at a political event in Texas in 2011.

Sinema is currently in a tight race with GOP Congresswoman Martha McSally to fill the seat currently held by retiring Republican Sen. Jeff Flake.

“When we grew up I remember in first grade we learned a song about Arizona because Arizona is the state of the five ‘c’s,’ so cattle, copper, citrus, cotton and climate,” Sinema, then a state senator, told the Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus, a pro-LGBT group, in a video uploaded by the conservative Reagan Battalion on Thursday.

Sinema, who identifies as bi-sexual, added, “Those are the five things our state historically made its money off of, but I would add a sixth ‘c,’ it’s called crazy.”

The state legislator warned, “I say quite simply, Arizona coming to a state near you. It’s true. Because over the last several years people would watch what is happening in Arizona and be like, ‘Damn those people are crazy. Is there something about the water?’”

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“No the water is fine. We stole it from Colorado. There’s nothing wrong with the water. There’s something wrong with the people in public office in Arizona.”

Sinema — who first ran to be an Arizona state representative in 2002 on the Green Party ticket — continued, “Cause what’s happening in my state is pure craziness, pure craziness. But here’s the crazy thing, this has been happening in my state for a number of years.”

The lawmaker went on to hit Republicans, who controlled the Arizona state legislature.

Do you think Sinema's comments about Arizonans were appropriate?

“People say, ‘Oh, the Tea Party, the Tea Party.’ Those people have been in charge for like 20 years in Arizona. They’re called Republicans,” Sinema said. “Tea Party, Republicans, it’s all the same thing. It’s called crazy.”

Sinema targeted GOP legislators for their passage of a bill aimed at empowering local law enforcement to enforce immigration laws, known as SB 1070.

“Make no mistake about it, this is a national strategy to make mainstream hatred that has been highlighted and flourished in the Arizona state legislature,” she said.

The Supreme Court ultimately struck down significant portions of SB 1070, determining it intruded on immigration policy, which the Constitution makes the responsibility of the federal government.

Sinema also pointed to Arizona’s informed consent laws, regarding abortion, saying they are another example of the crazy legislation coming out of her home state.

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As for then Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, Sinema said she couldn’t be counted on to veto bad laws because, “she’s not much of a reader.”

Sinema summarized near the end of the video, “So why it’s important to think about what’s happening in Arizona is simply because that’s what’s coming to your state next.”

The McSally campaign responded to the footage on Thursday tweeting, “If @kyrstensinema thinks Arizonans are so bad, why is she running to represent them all in the US Senate?”

The RealClearPolitics average of polls taken over the last month finds Sinema with a slight 1.8 percent lead over McSally.

However, an ABC15/OH Predictive Insights poll published Tuesday gives McSally a six point advantage, 47 to 41 percent, while a CBS News/YouGov survey shows Sinema ahead by three points, 47 to 44 percent.

Trump endorsed McSally immediately after she secured the Republican nomination in August, tweeting that she “is an extraordinary woman. She was a very talented fighter jet pilot and is now a highly respected member of Congress…(She) has my total and complete Endorsement!”

He carried the Grand Canyon State by 3.5 percent in 2016.

The political site FiveThirtyEight found that McSally voted with the president almost 98 percent of the time, while Sinema only sided with him in about 62 percent of her votes.

McSally supports Trump’s proposed border wall, while Sinema does not, the Arizona Republic reported.

Brewer, who endorsed McSally in May, and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao appeared at an event for the candidate on Monday in Arizona.

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