Democrats Riding a 'Green Wave' Into Midterms, Projected to Outspend GOP by $50 Million


In a concentrated effort to win back Congress, Democrats have poured tens of millions of dollars into their congressional races, according to The Washington Post.

While both Republicans and Democrats are projecting a big win in the midterm elections, Democrats are putting a lot more dollars behind their “blue wave” efforts than their Republican counterparts.

Over the past three months, Democrats have had a surge in fundraising, which has allowed them to buy up massive amounts of airtime for political ads, according to the Post.

“In terms of television and radio advertising, Democratic candidates are expecting to spend almost $50 million more than their Republican counterparts in about 70 top House races, according to a spreadsheet of ad reservations across the country,” the newspaper reported.

The spreadsheet referenced is one known as a “competitive summary,” which is maintained by Republican operatives and was provided to the Post by GOP strategists.

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Those strategists discussed their growing concern that Democratic candidates will outperform Republicans at the polls in the upcoming election due to their ability to campaign on a larger scale.

The two biggest GOP spenders are the National Republican Congressional Committee and it’s PAC ally, the Congressional Leadership Fund, according to the Post.

Those two have a combined $140 million in ads reserved spanning from summer through the November midterm election. Their Democratic counterparts have only $105 million in ads reserved.

However, Democrats are significantly outdistancing their Republican opponents in individual fundraising. That money is considered to be more effectively used for advertising.

Will Democrats spend their way to a takeover of the House and Senate?

“Some 60 Democrats raised more than $1 million in the third quarter, a big number for House races, but 30 of those raised more than $2 million and eight raised more than $3 million — those are levels usually reached by statewide candidates for Senate or governor,” the Post reported.

CLF executive director Corry Blis sent a memo to donors, telling them that while there are some positive signs among Republican voters, GOP candidates face big fiscal deficits.

“The GOP is now facing a green wave, not a blue wave,” Bliss told donors.

Information released by the Federal Election Commission on Thursday underscores the financial disadvantage Republicans are facing.

Democrats running for House seats this November have not only outspent Republican opponents by more than $45 million thus far, they’ve also raised nearly $100 million more from individual donors than Republican candidates have.

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The differences are even more glaring in Senate races. Democrats have outspent Republicans by $69 million and have raised $160 million more than Republicans from individual donors.

Officials with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have taken note of races won by Democrats in predominantly Republican areas in the past, and have focused their efforts on making it easy for liberal donors looking for a way to combat President Donald Trump to give online.

“Candidate ads are more effective at introducing candidates, carrying the positive message and rebutting attacks directly to camera,” said Meredith Kelly, spokeswoman for the DCCC, told the Post.

The DCCC has reportedly reserved $63.5 million in ads for Democratic candidates, compared with $46.8 million reserved by the Republican Congressional Committee.

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