The Democrats Have a Tolerance Problem - They Tolerate the Worst of Their Side


The Democrats have a disorientation problem. They’ve been swirled by radicals too far left way too fast.

In so many blue states over these last 12 months, the seeds of anarchy nourished by intimidation and violence were allowed by Democratic leaders to flourish with minimal interference or condemnation.

Sickening law-and-order violations are still being tolerated by the Democrats in charge. All last summer and through the fall, we saw Democrat-run cities invaded by mobs eager to exploit to the fullest every new tragic black fatality at the hands of police officers.

The anarchists were allowed to riot and to loot and to burn local businesses, to smash windows and gut buildings, to terrorize suburbs.

Officers on duty were targeted with bottles, bricks and even Tasers by these Democrat-protected BLM and antifa radicals, unobstructed by the rule of law.

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Tolerating Violence in ‘Mostly Peaceful Protests’

In years to come, historians will easily confirm that the real scandal of this 2020 infestation of agitators was that the blue-state governors and mayors initially refused to condemn the violence.

Instead, some key Democrats adopted an extreme critical race theory narrative. It purported to justify the spread of this infestation of terrorizing violence to other blue states.

They tolerated “anti-racist” violence as theoretically furthering a good cause.

Do you think the Democratic Party has drifted too far left for its own good?

Under certain Democrats’ tolerant indulgence, the anarchists and the radicals were not just enabled but actually authorized to do their dirty work of intimidation and destruction each night. In Portland, it was maintained for over 100 consecutive nights.

Regrettably, the extreme-left socialists prevailed over traditional and moderate Democrats. Their agenda has pushed party politics so far left now that an expectation of brutal antics in response to outcomes they don’t like has become the order of the day.

Their eruptions of violence and destructive lawlessness are becoming indistinguishable from the utterly despicable tactics of the extreme right of other times in other lands.

Radical Ideologies

Today’s Democratic Party is overinfluenced by some far-left radical ideologies that disfigure the gallant achievements of the nation’s Founders.

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Some Democrats now want to cancel American culture, a heritage that served so steadily all these years to integrate, maintain and prosper the people of the United States of America.

These Democrats’ grandiose plan to “build back better” must be abandoned. Their slogan is sinister in its clever pithiness. It hides the real story: “Tear America down and build back better.”

Under this destructive plan, far-left Democrats want to cancel, target and destroy what they have never been taught to love, to respect or to value.

Like most budding extremists throughout history, they would consume what they never worked to grow. They destroy what they never labored to build.

Today in schools and colleges, in entertainment, in media, they spread their woke and cancel culture excrement over all that is clean and good in America.

They befoul a hard-won inheritance that they have never been taught to understand or to treasure.

Triumphantly, they pull down statues and monuments.

But ironically, they don’t understand that they cannot destroy so easily the truths and principles for which these monuments were erected, lest we forget.

The Socialist Manifesto

It’s time for moderate Democrats to call out bad education systems infested with radical ideologies that disparage their own country.

In left-leaning colleges and law schools, too many Democrats have rote-learned a socialist manifesto that for over 50 years has kept a large segment of black communities tied to ever-expanding, never-ending welfare programs (thus securing their votes for the Democrats.)

This year, these far-left Democrats, secure in their own privileged position, have set about making more mischief — justifying a hatred for the Founders’ America, for the Founders’ principles as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Imbued with a malignant college-taught distortion of the history of this great country, too many on the far left gleefully applaud the burning of American flags, the trashing of the national anthem and the rewriting of American history in such historically inaccurate drivel as The 1619 Project.

Regrettably now, these ideologues don’t want to restore respect for America or respect for law and order.

They abhor America as racist. With their $3.5 trillion spending spree, they want to see America broke. They want to dismantle the re-emerging prosperity and jobs growth and plunge a pandemic-stricken people into a sharp and disastrous recession with rampant inflation that already is eroding real earnings, family budgets and emergency savings.

They don’t want to replicate President Trump’s record jobs growth for black Americans last year.

Well, not just yet.

They sure don’t want too many more independent black Americans with good-paying jobs voting for the Republicans’ America with its bright and credible promise of swift economic recovery amid restored law and order.

Until America can be gutted and rebuilt under the new woke blueprints based on critical race theory, the far-left Democrats are all for keeping black Americans unemployed, welfare-dependent and supposedly incapable of obtaining voter identification (which might jeopardize the Democrats’ vote harvesting.)

Regrettably, black dependency on government handouts, instituted with naïve but good intentions over 50 years ago, has mostly failed.

Heroic Black Americans Escape the Democrats’ Welfare Trap

Surely the great achievement of a growing number of truly heroic black Americans over these 50 years past is that they have escaped the Democrats’ welfare trap. They have become successful men and women with real skills and talents and good jobs that benefit their families, their communities and their beloved country.

Many have become small business owners, skilled blue-collar workers, teachers, electricians, doctors, journalists and professionals of every kind. So many, true patriots, have served their country in the military. Some have become politicians, academics and lawyers and have succeeded at the very highest levels, in the Supreme Court and Congress.

To the extent this continues, the Democratic Party with its more than 50-year-old entrenchment of black dependency knows it is finished electorally.

It will have to change.

Clean-Up Time

The Democratic Party needs reform — to retreat from the extreme far-left policies and to reinstate moderate, centrist, honorable, American values.

Moderate Democrats need to dislodge the extremists in their party who have planned a new America in the socialist mold of broken basket cases like Venezuela.

Moderate Democrats need to refocus their party on securing all that is good in America. They must return to honoring self-evident truths and securing the inalienable rights for which governments are instituted among men, and become again one nation under God.

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