DeSantis Flips Out After Reporter Drops Bombshell Claim of What Gov Did to Gitmo Prisoners


On Thursday, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida absolutely wrecked a corporate media “journalist” who asked him to respond to allegations from a former Guantanamo Bay detainee that he oversaw the “torture” of prisoners during his time in Cuba.

The moment, which occurred during the governor’s trip to Israel, demonstrated that DeSantis remains ready to call out the media’s blatant bias against conservatives.

It also shows that the media have resorted to using former Gitmo detainees as sources to smear someone with a spotless record.

DeSantis was 27-years-old when was deployed to Joint Task Force Guantanamo in 2006 as a military lawyer. He remained there for nearly a year, The Tampa Bay Times reported.

The experience was another feather in the cap of an impressive young man who enlisted in the military after he graduated from both Harvard and Yale.

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The Times reported DeSantis was stationed at the base where the country stored the world’s most vicious terrorists during a turbulent time for the facility and during the broader War on Terror.

During DeSantis’ time at the prison, a number of inmates went on a hunger strike and a decision was made to force them to eat.

The Times noted all directives at Gitmo came straight from Washington, but some reporters have been working hard to connect DeSantis to the decision to end the strike.

Was DeSantis justified in going off on the reporter?

Recently, a former detainee named Mansoor Adayfi claimed DeSantis oversaw or was present during at least one of his force-feedings.

The far-left British outlet The Independent has expended countless hours and resources to try and portray Adayfi as a sympathetic figure and DeSantis as a villain.

DeSantis was confronted with the Gitmo claims on Thursday, and he jumped down the throat of the reporter who needlessly brought them into a media conference.

A reporter asked him, “During your time at Guantanamo, did you witness any incidents of torture …”

The statement ended there, as DeSantis promptly shut the man down and called out his question for what it was: BS.

“No, no. All that is BS. No, totally, totally BS,” he said.

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In a back-and-forth with the reporter, DeSantis laid into the claims that people who were supposedly in distress would suddenly recognize him after 17 years.

“How would they know me?” he said. “Do you honestly believe that’s credible?”

DeSantis added, “So this is 2006, I’m a junior officer. Do you honestly think that they would have remembered me from Adam? Of course not.”

The governor concluded, “They’re just trying to get into the news because they know people like you will consume it because it fits your preordained narrative that you’re trying to spin. Focus on the facts and stop worrying about narrative.”

DeSantis immediately sniffed out the motivation behind the reporter’s question and crushed him.

He showed the kind of backbone conservative elected officials lacked for decades and were treated to regularly during the term of former President Donald Trump.

DeSantis’ willingness to challenge corrupt reporters is one of the many reasons people find him so endearing.

You can’t reason with a media that has the sole mission to destroy you.

You don’t dignify such a loaded question with a traditional response.

The far-left media broke itself against Trump and is now using former Gitmo detainees to try and take down one of the country’s most influential and young conservative leaders.

It’s not going to happen.

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