Dick Morris: What Does SC Mean for Biden? Not Much


While Biden overwhelmed Sanders and the others in South Carolina, he still does not have much of a path to the nomination.

He will likely get massacred on Super Tuesday, particularly in California where he currently polls in third place at 11 percent behind Sanders and Warren.

He’ll probably lose Texas, Virginia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and most of the other states. Only in North Carolina is he ahead in the latest polls.

After Super Tuesday, Sanders will have an overwhelming lead in the delegate count.

Democrats who are trying to stop him are clinging to the hope that Buttigieg, Warren, Bloomberg, Steyer and Klobuchar drop out of the race, and that their supporters flock to Joe Biden, giving him a shot at getting a majority at the convention.

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Fat chance.

In the national Fox News poll of Feb. 23, Democratic primary voters were asked who their second choice would be.

And guess which candidate won the most second choice votes?

Bernie Sanders, who won 19 percent of the second choice votes compared to Biden’s 17 percent.

Do you think Joe Biden still has any chance in this race?

Certainly Warren’s vote will go to Bernie. Perhaps Biden could get most of Buttigieg’s and Klobuchar’s small vote totals.

But Bloomberg’s voters are largely gullible TV watchers who know little or nothing about politics and likely care less.

He has no organization and, if he dropped out, his voters would likely just stay home and watch more television.

And who says Buttigieg, et al., will drop out?

Covetous of their 15 minutes of fame, they’ll probably keep at it.

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And, even if they do drop out and endorse Biden, it will likely be a mathematical impossibility that they could swing the race to Biden.

So it sure looks like Trump vs. Sanders in the fall.

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Dick Morris is a former adviser to President Bill Clinton as well as a political author, pollster and consultant. His most recent book, "50 Shades of Politics," was written with his wife, Eileen McGann.