Dick Morris: If You Want To Keep Trump, You Better Speak Up Now


If you believe that Donald Trump has been the vital force in the American recovery and you want to keep him as your president, you better speak up!

Write and call your Republican senators and demand that they “take the pledge” — “I will not vote to remove President Trump from office.”

The Trump presidency is on the line. Because it is becoming increasingly evident that he would win a relatively easy re-election against a Democratic radical like Elizabeth Warren, the left is determined to pre-empt the election by removing Trump from office through impeachment.

Impeachment has been their goal ever since Trump was elected. They tried to drum up grounds with the phony dossier and the discredited allegation of Russian collusion.

As soon as the Mueller report hammered a nail in the coffin of this investigation, the Democrats moved to use the Ukraine phone call to accomplish the same result: pre-empt the election by removing Trump from office.

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Impeachment is a given. On whatever grounds they can find, the Democrats are determined to railroad their phony impeachment charges through their branch of Congress. Any Democrat whose conscience bothers him need only be reminded of the defeat of moderate Democrat Congressman Joe Crowley by crazy left Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2018 to fall in line.

The question on which the fate of our country hinges is: Will the Republican Senate stand up for America and stop them?

Courage has never been a particular attribute of our Senate majority. It is filled with men and women far to Trump’s left who did not support him in the election and who privately and personally dislike him intensely. They would quietly celebrate his removal.

But, lacking courage, they won’t say so in public. Just as the Democrats will vote to impeach because they are afraid of left-wing primary challenges, the Republican senators are scared by the conservative base.

Will you contact your senator?

To bolster their courage and to be sure they stay in line and save the Trump presidency, we must figuratively use the strategy of the Soviet Army in World War II. The only way they kept their soldiers in line facing the enemy was to deploy a rank of Communist Party commissars in the rear, ready to shoot any man who turned around to flee.

We, the Republican conservative base, must deploy behind the timorous ranks of our Senate majority and warn of a primary challenge to any Senator who retreats or deserts.

The Democrats see how Trump’s job approval has remained steady and how their primary voters are turning on Joe Biden — the only one of their candidates with a chance of winning. So they are determined to take the Trump presidency into their own hands and remove him from office. Only the timid Republican Senate majority stands in their way.

If you want to keep Trump, you’d better speak up now. Right now.

Pick up the phone or open your laptop and write or call your Republican senator.

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Your message needs to be unequivocal: “I demand that you take the pledge not to remove Donald Trump from office and vote to acquit when the Democrats in the House impeach him!”

When Benjamin Franklin emerged from writing the Constitution in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, a woman asked him what sort of government he had designed. He replied: “A republic, madam — if you can keep it.”

Click here to sign the petition demanding GOP senators pledge they will not remove President Trump from office.

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Dick Morris is a former adviser to President Bill Clinton as well as a political author, pollster and consultant. His most recent book, "50 Shades of Politics," was written with his wife, Eileen McGann.