DNC Inches Closer to Full-Blown Socialism After Taking Power Away From Established Superdelegates


If you thought the Democratic National Committee superdelegates were part of a big scandal when it came to the 2016 presidential race between Sen. Bernie Sanders and former first lady Hillary Clinton, buckle up.

The party’s leadership just made change that could make things even worse.

This one is moving the party even closer to full-blown socialism. And that is a move the Democrats’ full embrace of congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might have already indicated they are ready to undertake.

According to Fox News, the DNC just voted a change to its nomination process designed “to limit the influence of superdelegates.”

This reform “requires superdelegates to refrain from voting on the first presidential nomination ballot, unless a candidate has enough votes from pledged delegates.”

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Superdelegates are movers and shakers within the Democrat party. According to Fox News, they “include governors, members of Congress, mayors and others, and represent 15 percent of the overall delegate count.”

“Unlike pledged delegates, they are not locked to a candidate.”

The newly embraced change would work like this, according to Fox: “The reform means that for the initial vote, candidates will only be able to count on the delegates they won during state primaries and caucuses. If there is need for a second ballot, then superdelegates — who are not bound to a candidate — can step in.”

Considering the leftward bent of the contemporary Democrat base, a future socialist candidate — like Sanders or the New York congressional candidate Ocasio-Cortez — could well have a shot a winning the party’s presidential nomination.

And that means the door is open for open, unapologetic socialism as the leading ideology of one of the two major political parties in the United States.

Some prominent figures have publicly stated their support for the move. That includes Sanders, who is officially a political independent who identifies as a “Democratic Socialist” but who caucuses with the Democrats on Capitol Hill:

However, not everyone is on board. The Associated Press reported that tensions are now “inflamed” within the party and even “on Capitol Hill, where rank-and-file party leaders and Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond have blasted the proposal.”

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Another example comes from Clinton-supporter and California DNC member Bob Mulhollnad. He told the AP that he was not happy with what was gong on.

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“Three months before the midterms, and this is what Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez have us discussing? Such fools.”

Former DNC chairman Don Fowler also blasted the move, according to the AP.

Fowler “said the party is punishing loyal party leaders ‘on some vague presumption that it will be fairer.'”

Prior changes the DNC has made in the aftermath of the Sanders/superdelegate scandal include requiring candidates for the presidential nomination to have made a public affirmation of Democrat Party membership. Some called this the “Sanders Rule,” because it is aimed at eliminating the possibility of future candidates running for the party’s nomination who are, like Sanders, not actually members of the party.

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